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  1. Falstojudilofa

    PS4 F1 2020 on ps5

    Before reacting this way, you could've actually read the internet to find that backwards compatibility isn't 100% guaranteed and problems may occur. Besides that, the Codemasters games have never been without bugs, so I wouldn't be surprised if things won't work as they should. I hope it works flawlessly, but it would be nice to hear some first hand experience from people that have already played the game on a PS5.
  2. Falstojudilofa

    PS4 F1 2020 on ps5

    I'll be testing it this friday, when my brand new PS5 should be up and running.
  3. The same happened to TRL Limitless. He didn't have the issue with the fuel however. It's not only the tire temps. The engine is also stone cold in both cases.
  4. Falstojudilofa

    VSC limiter button

    Yes, delta times can jump massively in the span of one corner. It is too unpredictable.
  5. Falstojudilofa

    Countdown timer when VSC ends

    I have been caught off guard by the VSC so many times. I stay a couple of tenths in the green and in a slow corner it suddenly goes in the red, but because it's a slow corner, I can not make much of a difference by braking and I get a drive through penalty. On a straight you can manage the delta much better. But because it sometimes is 3 seconds and other times 6 seconds, you are never to sure what the situation is.
  6. Falstojudilofa

    Issues with information regaring tyres

    I have experienced these issues for multiple years. When you make it to Q3, the tyres you used to set the fastest lap in Q2 are the ones you will be starting on. So, ideally you would never touch this set of tyres again during Q3. You would wear out your starting tyres too much. But when in Q3, you can never tell which set is the one you will be starting on. You can only tell if you remember it. So I would opt for a notification when selecting the set that you'll be starting on. Next point: During the race I can see whether a set is new or used. But what does used mean? It could be the set I drove 1 lap with during Q3 and it's only 4% wear. It could also be the set I drove more laps with, but I can't tell from the info displayef on the MFD. Can they add a percentage to this? Another issue: Can you please tell us how many laps the race is during qualifying? This way I can make the call if I should start on softs or mediums. When preparing for the race, can you inform me if my selected strategy uses used tyres or only new ones? It's information I'd like to know, cause it can make a difference. Tyres are a very important part of the game, why is everything about it so mysterious?
  7. Falstojudilofa

    Qol: timer in multiplayer race

    True, in our league we have a rule that only one person may press to continue. If somebody else has pressed before this person, they receive a 5 sec penalty, which increase with 5 seconds every time a driver does it again. 30 seconds is just not enough.
  8. Falstojudilofa

    Increase braking power

    Yeah it does. At least, locking up causes the bar during Tyre practice to slide to the left very fast. So it should affect tyre wear.
  9. Falstojudilofa

    Red flags

    No, I'm sorry. Red flag would add nothing to the game from my perspective. Comparing it with red cards in FIFA is just wrong. You should compare it to a football match being stopped for several minutes because of weather or fans misbehaving. We don't have that in FIFA, because it wouldn't add anything to the game. Red flags are very rare. At the moment some people can complete full seasons without SC. Getting a red flag would be even less common. Why add something to the game that you will only encounter once every 200 or even more races?
  10. Falstojudilofa

    Removal of the slow-motion effect when crashing then car

    Crashing is a big part of F1. Every driver crashes sooner or later. These get better comments add nothing to the discussion. I don't like the 'game over' style graphics when you crash. Just a full speed crash, a couple of seconds aftermath and then the cutscene in which you walk to the pitbox is all the game needs.
  11. Falstojudilofa


    First of all, it is indeed very easy to blame your friend. Cheating is only done by people without moral standards who enjoy ruining other peoples experiences on a game because they are not good enough at it and feel bad about themselves. It is not Codemasters fault that these players are so sad. However, Codemasters does need to try and keep cheaters away from the game as much as they can. Not because it is their job to punish or teach bad players, but because they should care about keeping the honest players happy. And I am sure they do care and work behind the screens to tackle this issue. But they do need examples and solid evidence of cheating before they can act. Report every cheater you see, so Codemasters knows what they are protecting us from. Only when they have enough cases, they can understand what makes a cheat possible.
  12. Falstojudilofa

    Where is the logic to this

    Mike, I know it's frustrating and you want something to be changed. And I applaude to you for raising this serious issue, which doesn't effect me at all, but I understand it bothers you. Now, the only thing I dislike here is the fact that you opened yet another topic to a ever growing list of Mike5500 vs cheaters topics. Why don't just add your findings to the first topic you created? One topic with 30 responses will get more attention than 10 topics with just a few replies from mostly people who are annoyed to see that you keep opening topics for the same issue. So, just keep it to the same thread, everytime you post, it will get bumped to the top of the board just as any new topic would do.
  13. Falstojudilofa

    Are all assists off in Esports?

    I like cockpit when doing hotlaps, but vs AI and online, I always misjudge where others are. So, I usually just go back to T-cam for the sake of being able to see if someone is 30cm away or 2 meters.
  14. Falstojudilofa

    Are all assists off in Esports?

  15. Falstojudilofa

    Pressure should be on to add new tracks

    This topic now spreads over 5 pages and all we got so far is this: People want tracks added, of which some or not even confirmed. Codemasters says it can't be done and gives multiple reasons to why this is the case. Other people, who invested time in reading earlier statements and use their brains to figure out why Codemasters can't add more tracks are starting to explain this to the people who started this topic. (Side note: we already had multiple topics like this and everytime some of us have taken the time to explain why things are the way they are) Now, for some reason the OP and a few others start a discussion about semantics. Yes, a lot of things are technically possible, but we are not talking about theory, we are talking about realistic possibilities. If I say that I can't afford a $300.000 race car, your reply would be: well, if you sell your house, take all the money from your shared bank account (probably leading to a divorce with your husband/wife) than it would be possible. Well, yes, you are correct. If I would do all those things, it would be possible. But would you seriously expect me to do it? Is this even something that would cross your mind? No, because when I say that it is not possible for me to buy that car, I mean that it is not possible for me to buy that car without having to sacrifice everything I hold dear. Codemasters is a developer, and has to deal with a lot of stakeholders. Stakeholders that they can not **** off, or the game as we know it would not even exist. Codemasters need money, to pay for the staff, the office and everything they use. They need to save some money to be able to keep their head up when things go south. You can't ask them to throw everything out the window to make your wishes come true. Now, you may say that I am a Codemasters fanboy or apologist and I frankly do not even care. You have proven time and time again that you think you know more about the resources CM has available than anyone else. You acuse Lee Mather of lying and did not once showed any proof to back this up. This thread can grow to be hundreds of pages long, because all we do is talking in circles. Such a shame really, cause we could have spend this time talking about new features that are actually possible to add.