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  1. Falstojudilofa

    Penalties for getting hit..

    I don't care how difficult this is. I am a player, not the developer. I pay for the game and expect them to find solutions for problems we encounter. And right now the problems with penalties are big and the solutions poor.
  2. Falstojudilofa

    Lock ups don't do enough!

    I agree that lock ups don't cost you much. But when lock ups are less forgiving, the difference between assist and no assists will grow. I think that is one of the reasons why locking up doesn't affect you too much.
  3. Falstojudilofa

    League mode.

    I agree with every single point made by Bicarda. The league system is just so bad. It looks like it was designed by someone who thought he/she knew what this mode needed, instead of someone who actually researched what the players want/needed. Yes, if you look at the mode and think that everything will go as planned, the league mode can be useful in some very particular cases. In most leagues, nothing goes as planned. But the league mode offers zero flexibility to coop with these unexpected problems. I only use league mode with my friend. We race against each other with 18 AI drivers. But we can't reset a race when we both crash in T1 or if one of us has a problem. We can save the qualifiying results, but then the setups aren't saved and tire wear is gone. We experience the same issues everytime we play, it's just afwufl. We didn't experience any of these issues with the old championship mode. But Codemasters mistakenly thought that they could make a better all-in-one mode for leagues. They didn't. They failed big time. I had some hopes that they would fix this mess in F1 2020, but the league system is still not worth it. When leagues all around the world rather use excel sheets and single events to organise a league than using your leage mode, it is a sign on the wall that you are doing it wrong. F1 2020 is not a perfect game. In some cases it is just a bad game. If you are a league admin, it's just an awful game. We have to ask everyone every race to not ready up on the grid, because the standard 30 seconds are too little to set a proper strategy. Why did nobody at CM think that it might me a good idea to put that power in the hands of the admin. After every race, multiple 5 second penalties have to be removed because a little kiss during the SC gives the driver in front that did nothing wrong a penalty. It makes running a league so much more work than it should be. It's a shame.
  4. Falstojudilofa

    Random Brake Failure

    Can you see any input when pressing the brake pedal in the calibration settings?
  5. Falstojudilofa

    Time trial leaderboard symbol.

    I'm wondering what that means as well
  6. Falstojudilofa

    Track situation for F1 2021

    Yeah Imola is, but it has only been announced 5 days ago. In usual circumstances, the calender is set way earlier. They probably won't even add Imola, let alone any other track that will be confirmed later on. I would be very surprised, but pleased if they do manage it.
  7. Falstojudilofa

    When will back markers be allowed to overtake safety car?

    Yeah, 3 laps without cars unlapping. But unlapping takes more time, so the standard 3 laps won't be enough if all the other variables stay the same.
  8. Falstojudilofa

    choose how long practice is in career and my team

    But I understand why they do this. Otherwise, your wear wouldn't scale with the race aswell. You would need 4 sets of tyres per session and 1 engine per 2 races to make it work. Or, they could use the 100% wear during practice, but that would be a little bit silly. You would practice with a soft tyre that can last 25 laps for example, but come race it would only last 12. That wouldn't make any sense either.
  9. Falstojudilofa


    Agree on all this. It rains too much and the way it comes or goes is not always very realistic. It's either too predictable (DRS off = pit for inters / DRS on = pit for slicks) or it goes from dry to soaking wet and back to dry in the span of 5 laps.
  10. Falstojudilofa

    When will back markers be allowed to overtake safety car?

    @Fjerrari: the problem with your 4th point is that the leaders will be within seconds of the backmarkers after the restart. Within a lap or a few laps, they will have to plow through all those backmarkers that are still close to each other. They need to get round to get out of the way for the leaders. The third point is no issue at all. When the SC is out you can also chase it down full speed while not able to overtake. They could just use the exact same rules for unlapping. I think unlapping could go just fine without AI taking control. You can already get a notification like: Driver X is too slow, you may overtake. I certainly don't want more AI interference. I think time is the biggest issue. In a 50% race, a long SC can easily use up 15% of the racing distance. When all drivers need to unlap, it could be closer to 25% of the race distance. In shorter race distances, this would even get worse. Nobody wants to sit behind the SC for 1/4 of the race. In a 25% race this problem would be even bigger as you would sit behind the SC for 30 to 40% of the time. And this is all just for one SC. If you get more, you might as well drive the complete race behind the SC.
  11. Falstojudilofa

    PS4 F1 2020 on ps5

    Before reacting this way, you could've actually read the internet to find that backwards compatibility isn't 100% guaranteed and problems may occur. Besides that, the Codemasters games have never been without bugs, so I wouldn't be surprised if things won't work as they should. I hope it works flawlessly, but it would be nice to hear some first hand experience from people that have already played the game on a PS5.
  12. Falstojudilofa

    PS4 F1 2020 on ps5

    I'll be testing it this friday, when my brand new PS5 should be up and running.
  13. The same happened to TRL Limitless. He didn't have the issue with the fuel however. It's not only the tire temps. The engine is also stone cold in both cases.
  14. Falstojudilofa

    VSC limiter button

    Yes, delta times can jump massively in the span of one corner. It is too unpredictable.
  15. Falstojudilofa

    Countdown timer when VSC ends

    I have been caught off guard by the VSC so many times. I stay a couple of tenths in the green and in a slow corner it suddenly goes in the red, but because it's a slow corner, I can not make much of a difference by braking and I get a drive through penalty. On a straight you can manage the delta much better. But because it sometimes is 3 seconds and other times 6 seconds, you are never to sure what the situation is.