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  1. This bug hasn't been solved yet, has it? We had to restart a 20 driver lobby because the session kept going after the timer already hit 00:00. We have a rule in the league that you can not join when qualifying has already started, to prevent the lobby from going crazy. Very annoying bug that is in the game for a long time.
  2. Why is this bug still in the game after 7 months @BarryBL? We have to restart our league lobbies every single time because somehow the game isn't capable of running a practice session followed by a qualifying session. The amount of times we have had to let 20 guys wait to set up a new lobby after practice has gone over 50 times by now. It happens everytime! Twice a week (I participate in two leagues) and it still is in the game. Why is this bug not 'with developers'? These are the types of bugs that have to be solved within a few weeks after release. Not let it ruin leagues for 7 months.
  3. Yes, this is still happening after 1.5 years! Why am I getting an invalidation for the next lap when I go off track at S1 to let hotlapping cars through?
  4. Fix the lobbies! Nothing is hurting our league's fun as much as the weekly troubles with getting everyone in the lobby. Start a lobby, after practice nobody can go out the pits for qualifying. So we made a habit of a separate practice lobby. If you're in thay lobby and get an invite for the real lobby, you can't join unless you close the game completely. If this workaround is needed for 2/3 weeks after game release, sure. Nothing is perfect. But this game has been out 7 months and the same problems are still there. How?
  5. You are right. In real life, they can choose to use any of the sets for the weekend in any session. If they choose to use 6 sets of softs during qualifying, they will have to give those 6 sets back. But they keep the hards and mediums they didn't use so they can use them during qualifying. In the game, the game has already chosen which sets are available for practice, qualifying and race. Codemasters should just really make all sets available for practice and let us decide how and when to use them.
  6. When we started league racing (end of July) our races were full of SC. We had 4 in first race, 3 in the second and again 4 in the third one. We set it to reduced and the SC came out twice or so. Was actually fine with that. But for the last 5 races we haven't seen a SC and maybe only 1 or 2 VSC. We even went through Monaco twice with a full grid with half the grid getting eliminated: no SC or VSC.
  7. FIA has nothing to do with this. The FOM is the organisation that controls licenses and promotional matters of the F1 brand. But you're right, nobody knows what deals were signed and what deals can or can't be accomplished by CM in the future. It's just speculation.
  8. We can't say anything about this statement with the info you've provided. All we know is that you pitted for softs on Lap 12 and got back 21st and overtook 5 cars. What strategy were the other cars on? What times did you set on softs compared to the mediums? What times did AI set on softs compared to the mediums? Have you actually practiced with soft vs medium on similar track evolution and fuel load?
  9. Something more recent. The Monza race of the PSGL league (a very big league with pro Esports drivers) lagged out. Cars were ghosted for no reason, cars jumped in and out of the pitlane, cars were suddenly a lap down, leaderbord didn't work, lap counter didn't work. The race got called off and no points were rewarded.
  10. I understand what you mean, but I don't see the benefit of another setting for ERS. Auto is for drivers who just don't want to be bothered with ERS at all. If you want some freedom, you can use manual. Yeah, you have to get used to it, but it's not that big of a deal and it gives you massive benefits when used correctly. Just get used to using Overtake on the beginning of long straights and keep the battery charged enough to be able to use it when you're trying to overtake or defend.
  11. I think I'm missing something. What's wrong on that image?
  12. I have played hundreds of games and the F1 games by Codemasters are always bugged as hell. I think the last 3 to 4 editions are in my top 10 most bugged releases I played. Granted, they do fix some but a lot of bugs have carried over to the next edition. You can fix 10 bugs, but if you introduce 20 new ones, it's not really going to make anybody happy with those 10 fixes. I don't care if a podium celebration gets bugged and the drivers have no head. **** happens, tough luck. I do not even car if I experience a game breaking bug ones or twice during the first year of a game. But to experie
  13. It happens when you reach 20% wear on any of your tyres.
  14. Might be dirty air? In practice you drive alone, in race you're suddenly behind others (assuming you're not on pole).
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