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  1. I think you underestimate the work that has to be done to change a track in a game. It would take a whole lot more than a week to change everything, from visuals to physics, from AI behaviour to all info around it (career mode practice programs, the introduction of the circuit by your engineer and the commentary team etc). Besides that, it's not just making the changes, it's also getting approval from the FOM which may take weeks, it takes time to test everything, tweak as needed and test again. Even besides all the things mentioned above, the track is not even finished in real lif
  2. The ICE part of an engine can not be changed during qualifying or race. Only the ERS side of the engine can. So I don't think there can be any discussion about the fact that fuel flow is locked during the race. ERS is something different though. The ERS is mapped for the whole track, so Strat 2 might mean more ERS power used per lap, but it doesn't mean more power on every corner. Maybe only more power on the straights and high speed corners, but that's down to the mapping that's done by every team for every strat. On F1 2019 the ERS system was different. You'd have low, neutral, hig
  3. The real F1 rules have changed last year. The same engine setting (the combustion side of it, not the electrical) must be used throughout qualifying and the race and can only be dialed back if problems occur or are likely to occur. They can't be changed back up when the problems are solved. There are a few exceptions to this rule, like out laps and intentional slow laps. But you shouldn't be able to change it during normal race conditions and there shouldn't be a MAX or Rich setting during qualifying either.
  4. Agree! We have to do everything ourselves strategy wise, but do not have all the data needed to make certain decisions. We need more data about our tyres before and during races.
  5. Don't forget the changed track in Spain. The tight corner at the end of the second DRS zone has been changed.
  6. Yeah, this is one of those things which makes me say: F1 2020 just isn't a finished game. There are so many things that just seemed to have been added without every asking the questions: why should we add this and how is it going to affect the average player? Finished games don't harrass you with tutorials about the most basic game mechanics after 200 hours of gameplay. I don't need Jeff to explain the difference between understeer and oversteer when I'm preparing for a qualifying lap. Tell me some hints about the circuit or the weather, that's totally fine. But just don't try to ex
  7. Yes, I agree! Host servers cause problems almost every online race.
  8. I don't care how difficult this is. I am a player, not the developer. I pay for the game and expect them to find solutions for problems we encounter. And right now the problems with penalties are big and the solutions poor.
  9. I agree that lock ups don't cost you much. But when lock ups are less forgiving, the difference between assist and no assists will grow. I think that is one of the reasons why locking up doesn't affect you too much.
  10. I agree with every single point made by Bicarda. The league system is just so bad. It looks like it was designed by someone who thought he/she knew what this mode needed, instead of someone who actually researched what the players want/needed. Yes, if you look at the mode and think that everything will go as planned, the league mode can be useful in some very particular cases. In most leagues, nothing goes as planned. But the league mode offers zero flexibility to coop with these unexpected problems. I only use league mode with my friend. We race against each other with 18 AI drivers. But
  11. Can you see any input when pressing the brake pedal in the calibration settings?
  12. Yeah Imola is, but it has only been announced 5 days ago. In usual circumstances, the calender is set way earlier. They probably won't even add Imola, let alone any other track that will be confirmed later on. I would be very surprised, but pleased if they do manage it.
  13. Yeah, 3 laps without cars unlapping. But unlapping takes more time, so the standard 3 laps won't be enough if all the other variables stay the same.
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