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  1. Hello, I've just purchased and downloaded the game. I'm trying to setup the inputs. The pedals work fine, the buttons on the steering wheel are all fine (I can change gear etc) the only part not recognised is steering left or right. When I try to calibrate it is stuck on -100, in the input recording the steering shows a constant -100 but the pedals all respond on input. I've tried calibrating a few times, rebooted, double checked I didn't miss-read the calibration instructions but no joy. On the connected devices page it shows G29 as primary steering device. Is it conflicting with the pedals because it see's these as separate (separate USB cable into PC)? The Logitech software is up to date, there is a profile and the steering wheel works fine in ACC or iRacing so I know the wheel isn't dead. Bit stumped so far and google searching sadly hasn't helped!