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  1. BlackMagician

    F1 2019 CP7 error code

    I have been testing a little more and I have realised that I can play using telemetry but just if UDP Send Rate is set on 10Hz. If I set it on 20Hz or on a higher level, I get always the same error. What is more: the higher UDP send rate I set, the faster I get the CP7 error. That confirms me that the telemetry config needs to send and receive a very high amount of data, which Wi-fi connections are unable to deal with. In a nutshell: if you want to play online using Wi-fi Connection, you can't activate the UDP telemetry with a send rate higher than 10Hz. Anyway, I recommend to disable it for making sure you won't get that problem.
  2. BlackMagician

    F1 2019 CP7 error code

    Well I have found a way to solve it: In settings menu, just deactivate the telemetry settings and everything goes well again!!!
  3. BlackMagician

    F1 2019 CP7 error code

    Hello from Spain. I have the same error CP7. I was talking by voice chat with other players I kept on the lobby more than 10 minutes without problem but, at the moment in which the sesion starts and the game begin to charge the race track and cars (so just when the race is about to start), the voice chat started to lose intensity and I got a terrible lag. After that, I can play just a few seconds (over 20 seconds in wich lag becomes stronger and stronger) until I get disconnected. This happens each time I try to play online (any mode). I have tried several times and always happens the same things in the same order. That means that there is a huge loss of data that keeps increasing continously until I get discconected. I have checked the connection speed (320MB), Wi-fi Signal of 100% intensity (my PS4 was closer than 50 cm to the router) and I also have checked the router ports. I can play online any other game (including F1 2017) with not a single issue no matter if I connect the console via Wi-fi or wired. I have also checked that I can play F1 2019 online just If I connect my PS4 via ethernet. If the console is connected via Wi-fi, I can play any game but not F1 2019. I repeat: I can't play F1 2019 online via Wi-fi, but I can play any other game without problems. That means that my console, the router and everything is working perfectly except for the F1 2019 game. So all of this things are making me being completely sure that the problem comes from game server's setup, which may demands an enormous quantity of data that the Wi-fi connections can't offer. So, please, Messrs computer repair techinicians of Codemasters, I beg you to investigate about this problem because I'm sure that a lot of people (like me) bought F1 2019 for playing online and they can't do it because they can't use a wired connection. At the end, I want to say that I am not blaming anyone and I am just telling all of this to give you my feedback and explaining exactly how and when this problem occurs because I think it may help you to solve this problem sooner. Thank you in advance for your attention.