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  1. Jam95XO

    Online farce

    Have codemasters made a statement about the farce that is online lobbies at the moment and if they’re planning on fixing it? If so can someone point me in the direction of it. We’re 6 league races in and 4 of them have been disrupted by desync, glitched cars on track. Safety car lagging backwards into the cars and the leaderboards messing up. And after seeing what happened in PGSL I can imagine them having to respond and not ignore the complaints. Lot of money for a game that doesn’t even work. Shambles
  2. Why would you not want to race in the rain every so often? If its because you struggle then you'll never get better at it without practicing
  3. Description - I’m using Thrustmaster Open Wheel and the TX base, I had no FFB so I updated the drivers and now my brakes and throttle at constantly at 50% when I’m not even touching them. Also my pedals are Thrustmaster T-LCM Report Code - CDDK-BGKA-SKVH-DPMG Platform - PC Game Mode - All
  4. So it appears that the reason Hamilton locked up at T1 is because he had a switch on which essentially increases the front brake bias to 70/80ish % (I think) Does anyone know if this works on the game too? Is it easier to keep tyre temp ups under a SC/Formation lap if you increase the front brake bias to the numbers posted above? (Obviously having to then turn the number right back down before the race resumes.
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