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  1. In a grid start at Melbourne. About half way round I’m behind and catching. I see the opponent ahead (not AI) leave the track at a no brake left hand bend. The track ahead is clear. The timer puts me a head. Then the car re appears in front of me from a height and the timer goes red showing me 0.55 sec behind. I pass the car toward the end of the lap to win. Go figure. 

  2. Much better. AI cars seem better. Your braking input needs to be better and longer. Opponents don’t seem to ram you up the ass because they out brake themselves and come off before they hit you and take you out. It’s more of a challenge and if your no good cheating won’t help. So far so good for me. 😀

  3. 23 hours ago, Thornir said:

    I’m trying hard to understand how the game works, or is supposed to work. I just played a Grid Start race on Circuit of the Americas. Started ahead of my opponent. At the first turn, my opponent goes careening through the pack, does this “S” maneuver, seemingly hitting almost every car ahead of them, and gets into first place with no penalty. I end up rear ending one of the cars he struck and get a contact power penalty. This makes absolutely no sense. 

    You will have been racing an AI car you will have had no chance of winning. Codemasters set about 50% of your races against AI cars to peg back your progression. Its very annoying. They won’t admit it nor engage in any discussion with anyone as it will cut their revenue. That kind of **** happens all the time to me. Losing qualy races to car with lower cups and lower pi. Every time I get to 4300 to 4400 cups I lose at least 8 races in a row to AI cars pretending to be a real opponent. It’s a really shity way to con people and make them spend. 

  4. On 5/16/2020 at 12:52 AM, PLAYADELWES said:

    True story....After getting rammed right off the line and then shoved off the track at turn 1 in Brazil, I decided to turn around and duck back out of view at the final turn.  Sure enough, the Bad Driver crashed his car trying to avoid me, and I got to Go back and do a clean lap, passing his wreckage and finished first! 

    Love it well done pal. Great idea. 

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  5. On 5/15/2020 at 6:48 AM, elimmel said:

    Having played this game since the beginning, I’m sure we’re racing against AI 80-90% of the time. 
    If your race preparation screen (waiting for opponent) is slow, then probably matching a real player. If it starts within 2-3s, it’s AI. 

    Absolutely agree 100%. There’s no way there are that many players on line at the same time to make the pattern of matching work the way it does. It’s far too consistent. I’ve raced against the same AI car time and time again sometimes 2 time’s in a row. I just wish codemasters would own up. 

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  6. Codemasters just come clean about AI cars that look like true opponents. 
    1 Win more than 3 or 4 in a row and get pitched against cars with much higher cups. If this was truly random, are there really that many people available to match against me that so the pattern is always the same. No you win 3 or 4 in a row and you get matched against AI to peg you back. 
    2. Losing in a qualy duel against a car with much lower pi and you make no mistakes. Clearly a race against AI to peg you back. 
    3. AI cars that crash in to you when you are winning a race to take you off. 

    Prove to your customers that you are not running algorithms that peg back progress. I ******* dare you!

  7. What is the point of racing a duel especially in qualifying against someone with the same trophies if their car is 300 points higher in PI. 
    You are always going to lose if no mistakes are made. Point in case attached. I quit as there really no point. The game is in favour of people that spend to get better cars and not those who want to progress without spending a fortune and you really do have to spend a load. Codemasters swap to matching duels with PI. You won’t of course as it’s not in your favour.  It’s in the players favour. Money grabbing. 


  8. Ringers. 
    Sometimes you race with someone with a lower score. You make no mistakes there is no contact and you can’t keep up and lost by over a second or 2.  Then you check the PI number and it’s way lower than yours. 
    Crazy right! Must have been an AI ringer that shows a real opponent. All to make you spend spend spend. 

    AI cars. 
    The behaviour of AI is totally abstract or is it. Spend spend spend.