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  1. If there is a car in front of you on the racing line going into a corner, break during the green portion, not yellow/red. The line doesn't take in to account another vehicle being there.
  2. Ricciardo is a beast on mine, he won the Spanish grand prix in season 1 and is always fighting for podium positions.
  3. This and the complete 15 laps in Spain do not unlock. PS4, most recent update installed. I also cannot use the daily refresh to change challenges.
  4. It's a cake walk. I have a much easier time there than I do in Australia.
  5. I had Charles Leclerc retire and pull off at turn 10 of Singapore which is at the end of a long straight. All I got was a yellow flag. No VSC or SC. I can't actually recall having any safety car whatsoever and I've just got to Japan in My Team.
  6. It didn't even warn me. Let me take the checkered flag then boom, last place.
  7. So it appears this is what has happened to me. My race strategy was to start on softs and then on to hards. Lap 6 I asked Jeff to set mediums for my next stint instead. Did the pit stop and finished the race 5th, got placed 21st. Bahrain - My Team.
  8. Why is 4 time world champion Sebastian Vettel rated lower than Bottas and that Belgian fraud?
  9. We should be able to ask about certain drivers. What position they are in, what tyres they have just put on. Example: What position is Leclerc? What tyres does Hamilton have on?
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