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  1. This and the complete 15 laps in Spain do not unlock. PS4, most recent update installed. I also cannot use the daily refresh to change challenges.
  2. Mattitudey2j

    Driver Ratings | End Of Season Update

    Lol they really have Max rated higher than Hamilton in Race craft, Awareness and Pace? Behave.
  3. Mattitudey2j

    More ways to earn PitCoins by playing?

    I don't think we should have to buy VIP each time a new pass comes out. Otherwise you can't actually buy anything without spending real money.
  4. Mattitudey2j


    Plenty of overtaking in the F3 race today.
  5. Mattitudey2j

    T300 settings

    Neither is using "my settings are better so use them" as an argument. If it aint broke, don't fix it. Sorry if your fragile little ego can't understand that.
  6. Mattitudey2j

    T300 settings

    Why change something that works fine?
  7. Mattitudey2j

    T300 settings

    I just use default. Works fine. 🤷‍♂️
  8. Mattitudey2j

    AI Difficulty Calculator

    It's a cake walk. I have a much easier time there than I do in Australia.
  9. Mattitudey2j

    Slow Driver Market

    I had both Williams drivers sign to Haas, Grosjean and Raikonnen retire, and Magnusen move to Alfa. Williams picked up Hubert and another F2 driver. That was just the end of season 1.
  10. Mattitudey2j

    CM - please add violence

    I'd pay big bucks to be able to run him over the next time he tells me what DRS is, 50 races into my career.
  11. Mattitudey2j

    Monaco Hairpin

    Don't use the racing line if it's on. Hug the right wall and swing it left.
  12. Mattitudey2j

    Is there a way to get race updates on track?

    *requests team made update* ... no response. *requests weather update* ...no response. *puts fuel mix up to rich* "TURN THE ENGINE DOWN!!!"
  13. Mattitudey2j

    Stupid Clare and Jeff comments

    I'm sick of Jeff telling me what each practice program is for and what the DRS zone is. I've been racing here for 3 years Jeff I know what they do. 🤦‍♂️
  14. Mattitudey2j

    Whos fault is this at Spa ? ( discussion )

    You have to leave a car width unless you are ahead going into a corner. That happened on a straight and Andy pretty much ran him off the road. He needs to read up on the rules.
  15. Mattitudey2j

    Bahrain T2 - losing so much time!!

    Get your wheels on the curb and take a straighter line. Medium traction control.
  16. Mattitudey2j

    Whos fault is this at Spa ? ( discussion )

    Andy. Squeezed him into the wall.
  17. Mattitudey2j

    Bahrain T2 - losing so much time!!

    Don't follow the track lines perfectly.
  18. Mattitudey2j

    Patch 1.06 | ALL PLATFORMS | Patch Notes

    It's a bug and they are aware of it.
  19. Mattitudey2j

    Question about daily objects in the Shop

    They cycle.
  20. Mattitudey2j


    I had Charles Leclerc retire and pull off at turn 10 of Singapore which is at the end of a long straight. All I got was a yellow flag. No VSC or SC. I can't actually recall having any safety car whatsoever and I've just got to Japan in My Team.
  21. Mattitudey2j

    Podium Pass/Pit Coin/VIP?

    You get 10,000 free coins if you buy F1 2020 70s Edition brand new. Use the dlc code thats inside.
  22. Mattitudey2j

    Practice programmes too darn hard (2019)

    No you shouldn't. On 1 you should be at least 10 seconds ahead of 2nd by the end of lap 1. Maybe your controller is broken? Try switching what button you use to accelerate and see if that helps. Double check the difficulty is actually 1.
  23. Mattitudey2j

    Practice programmes too darn hard (2019)

    What assists are you running?
  24. Mattitudey2j

    Least Favourite Track

    Hanoi. Monaco is a great track if you have a wheel.