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  1. Kleeni

    MyTeam Monaco HELP

    Thanks for the replies. Got it fixed, made some tweaks to the setup for the 30th time and finally got it right. I was still last but got that fixed too. After driving two purple sectors, I was still last so I checked the times of almost all over drivers and found the funniest thing. Some bug gave EVERY driver a few laps in which their time in the third sector was not really physically possible. Grosjean was first with a lap time of 49 seconds and Russel only needed 9 seconds for the entirety of the 3rd sector. Weirdest bug I ever had in F1 2020 but also kinda funny.
  2. Kleeni

    MyTeam Monaco HELP

    Hi guys, I need help with Monaco in MyTeam. I don't know why, but I can't do good there, but only in MyTeam. Last year it was one of my favourite tracks and I have one of the best cars on the grid (2nd season, best or 2nd best car at the moment). My difficulty setting is usually between 94 and 103, depending on the track and time I'm willing to invest into it. But in Monaco I'm the worst one on the grid, my teammate (Russel) is a lot faster. And the difficulty is 80. I already tried like 10 different setups, but not a single one seemed to work. As it's training I my gearbox is at 17%, so that shouldn't cause any problems as well. It feels like I can't get anything more out of the car, because as soon as I get on the pedal my rear just snaps and I oversteer like hell. But on corner entry I understeer in most corners. I play with pad, but I don't think that should be that big of an issue. Has anyone experienced something similar or has an epic setup he could share? As I said I loved this track since I first drove it, because it is that hard to drive, but I'm getting really frustrated by it. Edit: I only use Assists for the gears.
  3. Kleeni

    Team “orders”

    Agreed, I'm a lot faster than my teammate and it's just annoying being held up by him. When I was at the Canadian GP I went for the undercut on Ricciardo in front. Worked great, but then I was behind my teammate, who was a LOT slower. Instead of leaving me pass on the straight he blocked me off in the last chicane. This cost me so much time, that Riccardo was close enough again to get DRS on me. Also it should be possible to see or maybe change your teammates strategy before the race. I already had 2-3 races in which my teammate made one stop more than most other drivers. One stop less and he would have been in a great position at the end.
  4. Kleeni

    Suggestions F1 2020

    Hi guys, just some general things I noticed and some ideas: Gameplay: sometimes the AI loses control when you make multiple quick direction changes in front of them (for example, my dummy move on Ocon made Giovanizzi some tenths behind me lose control) simulated damage on the AI: feels like it's a bit random for bots. Hamilton spun in turn 14 in Bahrain (on top of the hill in Sector 3), was standing in the middle of the track and Sainz hit him head-on at 200 something kph. He had less damage after that, than after the time he me with about 90 kph, while I was at 70kph. maybe I havent discovered it yet, but based on the Bahrain incident: give us the option to switch off the "ghost cars" for singleplayer. I'm no sucker for crashs, but it just takes away so much from the realism when someone spins and suddenly the cars behind him move through each other. When I use mid-session saves the delta times are all over the place. Sometimes when I load a save it says the car in front of me is a minute away, while in reality I'm about to overtake it. Race starts: Somehow the AI is really terrible at race starts. I regulary overtake 3-5 cars before the first corner (difficulty mostly between 90-96) Suggestions: more tiers in the podium pass. I play the game with my brother, so we got through those ranks in no time. Now it's just disappointing seeing the XP at the end of a race not achieving anything. more different items in the items shop individual color selection for EVERY sponsor placement on the livery and the race suits. some liverys use different materials for some parts (shiny, matte, ...). Would be kinda cool, if you could change this the same way you can change the color for the different livery parts