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  1. ZtwoA

    Cockpit VS TV Pod

    half half first half of the season i drive from cockpit and the second one TV Pod
  2. ZtwoA

    1.13 patch is out

  3. ZtwoA

    Bahrain outer circuit is in the game!!!

    No and the ones that will have a proof are only CM and F1 officials but c'mon man there was so many threads about this topic..we don't need another one the new circuit or new layout of the existing circuit will not be added due to licesing issues which are that cm can make only origin f1 2020 season in to the game and not the new on end of the story
  4. ZtwoA

    Bahrain outer circuit is in the game!!!

    cause AI is not coded to driver there...think sometimes
  5. ZtwoA

    hanoi track

    I agree first 3/4 corners are hard but not in a good way, they just are wierd and even if you manage to do them perfectly they aren't satisfying they aren't flowing, sector 2 is just straight with big 180 turn at the end and sector 3 is the best part of it, yes it hard you can't make sudden moves you need rather fast reaction time but its satisfying to drive those corners cause they are flowing
  6. ZtwoA

    hanoi track

    wow...i;m sorry for your mental state but...em...that's not the reason for them to change physics of game just for you...i don';t have problem with last sector it's very flowing, i have more problem with 1 sector cause of first 3/4 corners cause they hard to manage but i like it, you can't just say you have mental problems and except whole CM would change psychisc of the whole game you can't change psychcisc of fixed sector on one track to your likeing cause you have slow reaction time
  7. ZtwoA

    I'm getting better at F1 2020........

    Thanks for letting know
  8. ZtwoA

    Season length options on My Team

    1 you can choose the ammount of races before every season (22 races, 16 ,10) 2 when you set the 10 races season the date's of the races don't change, that means that you will have longer gaps between races, so you will only get r&d points from off track activites which are less ammount, same goes for money so that means that you will need more time to make upgrades
  9. ZtwoA

    Will F1 2020 look better on PS5?

    we don't know it f1 2020 will be out on ps5 so
  10. ZtwoA

    Let me turn corner cut penalties off in career mode

    Mexico, france, australia, austra, everywhere
  11. ZtwoA

    Let me turn corner cut penalties off in career mode

    Regular setting let you to cut corners like huge u can go to grass 4 wheels and it doesn't give u penalty xD
  12. ZtwoA

    Steering Wheel Range

    i have it on 369°
  13. ZtwoA

    R&D upgrades

    real f1 teams work all the time in the season on upgrades and they get upgrades more than 4 times pre season i even go to say that they get upgrade on every race but it isn't shown on broadcast
  14. ZtwoA

    Do AI tyre lockups have an effect?

    From my races I can say that they affect them, I was racing Verstappen for win in Austria, it was 12 sec gap but he catch up to the back of the field and locked up pretty hard and for there i was gaining about half of second per lap and later 1 sec per lap due to his tyre damage and temps while lock up and degradation
  15. ZtwoA

    Skipping races

    they could make it like in fifa...it's simpler faster and less annoying cause how fast you will do it is depending of speed of you disc