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  1. nope, r&d points are not assign to driver but for the team, so if you change team, the points will stay at the team you left, e.g you had 500k points in alfa romeo and you went to racing point, and you have 6k points cuz racing point didn't do much research i like to call it, and then you can be prepared that alfa will get better over time due to this 500k points in r&d
  2. I did 10 races season on the first season in myteam and other than me changing aitken for lando there were no driver transfers, aitken went to mclaren and lando to my team but no other transfers, so i started to wonder do length of season affect quantity of transfers in any way or is it just bug?
  3. I have a feelling that if I do qualifing pace program and race pace program I have better lap times is both qualifing and race, than if i didn't to them, is anything there thats boost your times or is just my feelling driving me south?
  4. like i said before redbull does that and i don';t think they get to pay fees of any sort for changing drivers, but yea maybe not realistic but more challenging to player to be good with economics
  5. i think this is inspired by redbull academy cause for past couple of years, seats in main redbull team change in the matter of one season so they give u an option to be like that with you team i reckon
  6. Imo he got onto more wet place on gird or he just touched grass with his rear tyre while turning and he loose traction
  7. He's playing on PC with wheel that have xbox keys on it or is meant for xbox and pc, these are just mods
  8. gotcha, well like you said on the paper there isn;t a abs/tc but technicaly they have it but as it is offcial game no chance..shame, thanks for correcting, every day you somethinh i guess
  9. which makes me think about that in the next game they should make ABS and TC as an car setup thing cause it is in rl i think
  10. don't be an ass man what you want us to check for christ sake? yes we can't save in split mode cause it's party mode not carrer or anything like that jeez man get rid of your additude, if you gonna write things like you did now you will never gonna get anwser cause you rude
  11. half half first half of the season i drive from cockpit and the second one TV Pod
  12. https://formula1game.com/2020/news/f1-2020-patch-notes
  13. No and the ones that will have a proof are only CM and F1 officials but c'mon man there was so many threads about this topic..we don't need another one the new circuit or new layout of the existing circuit will not be added due to licesing issues which are that cm can make only origin f1 2020 season in to the game and not the new on end of the story
  14. cause AI is not coded to driver there...think sometimes
  15. ZtwoA

    hanoi track

    I agree first 3/4 corners are hard but not in a good way, they just are wierd and even if you manage to do them perfectly they aren't satisfying they aren't flowing, sector 2 is just straight with big 180 turn at the end and sector 3 is the best part of it, yes it hard you can't make sudden moves you need rather fast reaction time but its satisfying to drive those corners cause they are flowing
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