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  1. ZtwoA

    Steering Wheel Range

    i have it on 369°
  2. ZtwoA

    R&D upgrades

    real f1 teams work all the time in the season on upgrades and they get upgrades more than 4 times pre season i even go to say that they get upgrade on every race but it isn't shown on broadcast
  3. ZtwoA

    Do AI tyre lockups have an effect?

    From my races I can say that they affect them, I was racing Verstappen for win in Austria, it was 12 sec gap but he catch up to the back of the field and locked up pretty hard and for there i was gaining about half of second per lap and later 1 sec per lap due to his tyre damage and temps while lock up and degradation
  4. ZtwoA

    Skipping races

    they could make it like in fifa...it's simpler faster and less annoying cause how fast you will do it is depending of speed of you disc
  5. ZtwoA

    Skipping races

    Is there a quicker way to skip race weekend other than going into race weekend and then skipping each session which takes a lot time depending how quick game will load?
  6. ZtwoA

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    cuz they have to get data...and it has to be from more that few races to get good understanding where ever car is placed on the grid the look for more complex data and numbers than just watching races i reckon so yea that;s why
  7. for me they display but they are a little broken too, for me the whole package of halohud and leaderboard are broken and buggy it's understanable cause it's new game but i advice everyone who wants to buy it to wait for the next update or wait for patches for this cuz i'm sorry to say the state that it is now is not good but developers are working on it (he wrote that he thinks that the plugin that he used to create this hud is broken and he's working with the developer of that plugin)
  8. Yep, stopwatch has big buggs, halohud has some minor ones
  9. ZtwoA


    they got us in the first half not gonna lie
  10. So my whole game reset all by itself and I lost everything and I didn’t reset it it reset on its own is there a way I can get my stuff back cause I spent money on pitcoins and that’s all gone and I was at season 3 in my my team and that’s gone

    1. GriffinLynn


      I would really like to get my stuff back but is it even possible to 

  11. ZtwoA

    New liveries and sponsors

    they said they are close to getting new liveries to game
  12. ZtwoA


    To change number you must to go to customization tab and go to profile edit and there you can change number. To change color of number there is not way to do it without modding in with EEA
  13. ZtwoA

    I had an engine failure!

    it has been for some time now in game you just need to get above 60% wear of some of engine parts and there is a chance to failure
  14. ZtwoA

    Engine Sound

    there is turbo sound...and it's loud so yea i thin you must check your hearing
  15. ZtwoA

    F1 2017 and F12018 set ups

    Steam workshop has got some good setups