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  1. ZtwoA

    Halo Hud for future

    What about making the Halo HUD and ditch off the long strip? on the halo you can easily put everthing: Speed, distance do drs, ERS capacity, and make the speak to engineer option drop down from the halo. Imo this way of implementing HUD will be more real and better looking
  2. ZtwoA


  3. ZtwoA

    F1 2020 Podium pass

    The podium pass is live for me now
  4. alright buddy, you don't like it we get it, don't be like that and don't say that this game mode is for 10 year olds cuz you emanate big "ok boomer" energy
  5. ZtwoA

    F1 2020 Podium pass

    When podium pass will be available? when i press podium pass option the message pop up saying something wierd and then back to menu. (my guess is that it will be available on 10th am i right?) @BarryBL
  6. The steam is unpacking the F1 2020 (25,8GB) hyped.exe is working on high priority XD
  7. ZtwoA

    Anthonie Hubert in 2020 game.

    They put Hubert in 2020 game because they want to keep memory of him and make him tribute and I think make "man on the right place" thing and it's good in my view
  8. ZtwoA

    F1 2020 glitchy?

    Imo this patch 1.02 isn't 1 day patch and it is only to make game playable so it it's optimized and optimisation can take biig chunk of space so that's why is that big the 1 day patch should fix glitches and if not..well i hope we won't get F1 2015 v2
  9. ZtwoA

    F1 2020 release time

    yea it's same for everyone the steam shows the official date of release which is 10th but if you go to the F1 2020 store page on steam you'll see that the schumi edition will get early acces is marked on the suchmi edition buy option
  10. ZtwoA

    F1 2020 glitchy?

    So there will be another big patch 1,04 of something that will be 1 day patch fixing glitches
  11. ZtwoA

    F1 2020 glitchy?

    The game isn't ouy yet, so there will be glitches in it cause it don't have fix patches yet
  12. ZtwoA

    F1 2020 release time

    How come? 7pm CEST on 6th? That's nice if it's true
  13. ZtwoA

    F1 2020 F2 Class

    2019, the 2020 will come out as part of bigger patch something about october/september imo
  14. ZtwoA

    Mission Winnow

    game is PEGI 3 so Tobacco sponsors have no chance to get to game officialy, only with mods like in 2019
  15. ZtwoA

    My Team online with a friend

    pretty meh for me, if both of you will be driving for one team, the only one of you could change things and the oder wil be only driver and for me MyTeam mode isn't made for online gaming cause in any way you would make it, only one of you can name team, select colors, badge etc