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  1. StoicSouthpaw

    DRS disabled

    Yeah. I don’t know whether it’s a bug or there’s a valid reason behind it (driving line, transmission etc.). There surely can’t be an explanation.
  2. StoicSouthpaw

    DRS disabled

    I’m sure many of you must have experienced your DRS getting disabled in the middle of the DRS stretch, thereby losing 10-20kmph easily. And also your opponents zooming past you even if you’d have built up a healthy 2+ sec gap. Sochi, Japan, Australia and sometimes Austria the usual suspects. So annoying to lose duels like this. 😡
  3. StoicSouthpaw

    Sprint race bad start guaranteed at P2

    Yeah. Just let the opponent get ahead of you and you tag behind him hoping to catch him at turn 1. There’s not much you can do.
  4. StoicSouthpaw

    Grid starts a joke!

    Following AI cars at S-es is the worst. I actually fear them more than the opponent. Just can't follow them like in reality. They'll either slow you down or move dangerously to run you off the track.
  5. StoicSouthpaw

    Grid starts a joke!

    I used to agree that AI cars are much better after the update. USED TO. No more. I have been shunted into the wall by AI (mostly either of the two Red Bulls) in STRAIGHTS when I'm on my way to overtake them TIME AND AGAIN. Happened at Monza, Canada, Albert Park and others. They're not just aggressive, they're dirty AF. I can expect opponents to do that, but not the AI Cars in Grid and Sprint races.
  6. StoicSouthpaw

    Custum car v/s Official car.

    Events aside, would you guys suggest getting an official car for purely performance reasons?
  7. StoicSouthpaw

    Bad drivers

    Because your rating is low and/or car isn’t good enough, why not just backend the opponent, create carnage and fly away in front. Surprised he had a 4.7 safety rating. Luckily I had the last laugh. FullSizeRender.mov
  8. StoicSouthpaw

    Sochi Sprint

    If you check the quail mode, the start is on the straight. There’s enough track.
  9. StoicSouthpaw

    Sprint becomes qualifying with no other AI car

    Yes, it’s happened multiple times with me too pre and post update. Sprint remains sprint with the opponent car very much there instead of a ghost car of quali. The only difference is that instead of starting Sprint at P6-7, we start Sprint at P1-2. In effect, it’s still a Sprint but ends up becoming a quali-style duel since BOT cars behind never get to overtake us.
  10. StoicSouthpaw

    Sochi Sprint

    I would ask Codemasters to reconsider starting the Sprint Race at Sochi before last corner of the previous lap. It ALWAYS leads to a collision. Since Qualifying at Sochi starts on the start/finish straight, that shows there’s ample of road before the start line on the straight. If you can do that in Qualifying fuel, you must do the same in Sprint Race. Start it on the straight. Not at the last turn. Doesn't make sense at all. FullSizeRender.mov FullSizeRender.mov
  11. StoicSouthpaw

    Braking technique

    Guys, I was wondering what could be the best approach on braking through the fast corners of the likes of Suzuka (Spoon), Albert Park and most notably Turns 1-2-3-4 of Shanghai and Beausset (Turn 11) at Paul Ricard. 1. Do you brake with a single tap and turn the corner? or 2. Do you brake with multiple taps while turning through the corner?
  12. StoicSouthpaw


    I think a tad relaxed rule for Canada last chicane might be intentional. Coz you're coming from a DRS zone and entering the second DRS on the start/finish straight. Plus, if you stay a bit on the right side of the track to avoid cutting the chicane, you're bound to hit the Wall of the Champions unless you crawl through the chicane and most certainly lose out to the soft braking opponents.
  13. StoicSouthpaw

    Sochi Sprint

    Not for me. It happens all the time. Whether I have the inside line or I am on the out (like in the video), there's always a crash and always the car on the outside loses. I feel for the opponents when they too get a contact penalty or go wide for no fault of their own. This needs to change.
  14. StoicSouthpaw


    If you're into the event early, getting P1 in qualy is comparatively easy. Once the higher rated and better players join and set their times, the benchmark for P1 in qualy rises. I have 1:08 but I'm still not very hopeful. However, the only hope is that it's Monaco. Anything is possible. Maybe.
  15. StoicSouthpaw

    Sochi Sprint

    Always wondered what marvelous brains decided to start the Sprint Race at Sochi before the last corner. No rationale. There is enough track on the straight before the start/finish line. FullSizeRender.mov