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  1. I’m seeing this for the first time. Can anyone explain this new pattern? The livery on the car was also very different though I couldn’t see it properly coz it was a ghost car during qualification.
  2. I have noticed that there is a growing trend of people simply cutting the Nouvelle Chicane in Monaco and going dead straight through it. Even if they get an engine penalty, it's not helpful coz you're negotiating the chicane at 2nd gear at probably 40-60 kmph (which is almost the same speed as them after engine penalty). They overtake you and by the time you accelerate towards Tabac, it's too late. They're ahead of you and well past their penalty speed.
  3. This is what happened with me at Catalunya last corner. I was leading by almost two seconds and then I ended up "hanging like a cow!" RPReplay_Final1592234519.MP4
  4. Because your rating is low and/or car isn’t good enough, why not just backend the opponent, create carnage and fly away in front. Surprised he had a 4.7 safety rating. Luckily I had the last laugh. FullSizeRender.mov
  5. I think a tad relaxed rule for Canada last chicane might be intentional. Coz you're coming from a DRS zone and entering the second DRS on the start/finish straight. Plus, if you stay a bit on the right side of the track to avoid cutting the chicane, you're bound to hit the Wall of the Champions unless you crawl through the chicane and most certainly lose out to the soft braking opponents.
  6. The margins are very slim now. Monza first chicane and Baku turn 5 Baku are the real sore ones. You just have to crawl through both.
  7. After the revision of Elite scoreboards, I have realised that lower leagues (Elite 4 and 3), BAD drivers; higher leagues (Elite 2 and 1) more decent and genuine drivers. Of course, there are exceptions of bad drivers even at the top leagues. And of course there are a LOTTTTT of AI opponents.
  8. That's for sure. But the emphasis is more on who gets damage and who doesn't despite the erratic driving. That should be fair. Hitting cars and being hit by cars shouldn't have the same damage penalty but more often than not, that's not the case.
  9. Realistic damage is a joke in this. You get T-boned in a corner or a rejoining opponent/AI car and they give you an engine penalty for “contact”. It’s a yoke. A yoke!
  10. My latest observation (I'm sure those who have been playing longer might have observed this before): When you're within 30 cup points of a x100 points (like 3700, 3800, 3900, 4000 etc.) and trying to break into these points, the AI always sets my duel with someone who is more than 400-500 cup points more than me. For example, if I'm 3870 and trying to get into 3900, they'll set me up against an opponent with 4500-4800 cup points and give you a qualifying duel. Now, these end mostly having far superior cars and in quali mode, you are almost certain to lose these duels so that your cup poin
  11. Now I've even started losing out 2-3 places off the grid despite Perfect Start. And somehow NEVER have I ever won a Grid with a perfect start. AI cars just ram into you.
  12. Is it just me or has anyone of you too experienced unusually slow BOT cars right on the racing line just waiting to be hit by you and cost you a race?
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