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  1. Cyberdemon69

    CODEMASTERS you are alone.

    OMG wreckfest is total garbage hopefully dirt 5 has party modes like cat n mouse transporter outbreak invasion
  2. Hi I'm having issues with Dirt 5 locating the party modes, Honestly I wanted to get the attention of codemasters staff and say please be sure to include the party modes in dirt 5! I.E Cat N Mouse Transporter Outbreak Invasion as these are very important to us codemasters fans. we play thousands of hours of dirt 3 some of us even have 10,000 plus hours and 100s of hours of streamed content, while disregarding some of the other titles primarily because these party modes make the game so much more fun please answer our request.
  3. Cyberdemon69

    DiRT 3

    me and my wife both have over 3000 hours in dirt 3, we play with a group of guys that also have more hours than us perhaps some with 10k hours plus, I live stream a lot of content for dirt 3, the dirt 3 community really wants to remind codemasters how important it is for Dirt 5 to have party modes like Cat N Mouse, Transporter, Outbreak, Invasion with vehicle setup and assist please code masters we are a group that's nearly 300 strong still playing dirt 3 because of these modes which we play more cat n mouse and transporter than anything else. please answer our request and get it right this time.
  4. Cyberdemon69

    New here what's up?

    Hi how are you, glad to see people joining the forums.
  5. A Little about myself my wife and I have played dirt 3 for nearly 2 years now I have 3500 hours plus and shes a little over 3200 hours, we are super excited that dirt 5 is coming out and we make a lot of youtube video content for dirt 3. certainly im friends with nearly everyone who plays dirt 3 and we really need dirt 5 to have the party modes, if codemasters knows anything about their fans which I know they do, they will listen to us and make sure the party modes like cat n mouse, transporter, outbreak, invasion, and others with vehicle setup and vehicle assist will be in dirt 5. please don't let us down, we are a super excited group of nearly 300 people.
  6. Hi everyone we are all super excited here in the Dirt 3 community about the announcement of dirt 5 my wife and I have 3500 and 3200 hours respectfully in dirt 3 and our community of nearly 300 players still actively playing dirt 3, I have a youtube channel with nearly 300 hours of just dirt 3. We want codemasters to understand how important it is for Dirt 5 to have the party modes I.E Cat N Mouse, Transporter, Outbreak, Invasion, please everyone stick together and lets hope that codemasters answers this request.