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  1. Hello. I have been playing dirt rally and dirt rally 2.0 for a while. Nowadays I only play 2.0 due to better car weight etc. I play pretty much only online events as I like the race against real people. I have bought most if not all DLC content for the game. I just feel like there is not enough DLC in the online events so it would be nice to have an extra daily, weekly and monthly DLC only events. This way there would be one more reason to buy the DLCs: it would be better for the players who bought them as well as you guys in terms of sales. I don't want you to force people to buy them but rather give those people who do a chance to play them ALL the time in online events. I couldn't care less about the single player so currently there is not much DLC content to play, and when I finally get lucky enough to play them they might be with a car I don't even like driving. Also I used to play the first game as well but the 2.0 is better so it would be nice to have like a Throwback daily, weekly and monthly so you wouldn't need to play the first one the experience the original levels. I think this would be a pretty small update yet it could bring a bit more enjoyment for the players and sales for you guys. If you don't plan to update the game then consider have more online events for the next game like each class can be played all the time etc.
  2. When I started playing I bought pretty much every car possible as new to count my stats. Most cars I could buy new if I wanted. Now after like 4 months I haven't been able to buy Peugeot 205, Delta Integrale and few other cars as new and never seen them new at the store. Why there is so little chance of few cars being new when others can be bought new all the time. It would be nice if you could buy them new all the time overpriced or something. Is this really how it's supposed to work or is this a glitch? Integrale always only used dirtrally2 2020-05-08 05-10-50-32.bmp