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    Dirt rally 2.0 update 1.24 on PS4

    Im not sure if i follow you completely, but you have to update every game to be able to use their online features. Not just DR2. As for the free psn plus games, then yes. As long as you added it to your library, you can download, delete and download as many times you'd like. As long as you pay for the Plus subscription, that is... You'll find them all in your "Library" under "Purcased".
  2. theGunner76

    Multiple controllers?

    No one? So I have to either buy a overpriced stand alone handbrake (if they work on ps4 at all) or hotwire the G29 to get one?
  3. theGunner76

    Multiple controllers?

    Hi, just bought a G29 stearing wheel that im looking forward to use. I saw a diy online on how to make a handbrake and thought that would be adding to the immersion. So my question is if I can make that a stand alone usb connection or if I have to open up my g29, breaking the warranty... Im on ps4.