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  1. Are you serious ? I can understand that you no longer support the game, but leaving it broken like this is unacceptable! ( the photo's shows the first day of the new season with no reset to the score and that no premium assigned! )
  2. Serious bugs: - The season ended but it hasn't been reset! - Last season no awards arrived ! - The special event has also been blocked for 2 weeks! You cannot leave a game in this state, be ashamed.
  3. The season ended 4 days ago but it hasn't been reset!
  4. Last season ended on September 16th but no awards arrived ( i've finished at 7' place ) Please give us our awards, it's ridiculous! ( I dod'nt see those who received the achievement after 26 July ... maybe latest update ? )
  5. 1) The special event for this weekend freezes on the vehicle select screen. So nobody has been able to play it yet. When you select thr veichle the CPU select other 2 AI instead of 5, so it remains waiting for other players forever! 2) I am now getting the constant deserter penalty of -75% every single match, because I idled out of a game about a week ago and the servers still havent updated. Please fix this.