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    DLC Entitlement FAQ (PS4)

    To everybody who has had the same problem as me, NO DLC CONTENT IN "MY TEAM" ON THE PSN ACCOUNT THAT WAS NOT USED TO PURCHASE THE GAME, the following is an email I sent to customer service and the reply I got 48 hours later. Hello, I'm writing to inform you of a problem I have with the deluxe content I downloaded for Dirt Rally 2.0. I have tried all of the suggested "fixes" but none of them have worked for me. I have, for my own personal use, TWO PS4 accounts, one is registered as German nationality (HappyRacer89) and the other as British nationality (CnF_HappyRacer89). The reason for this is because I moved to Germany some 5 years ago and I had no other choice but to make an account with German nationality so I was able to use my German bank details to purchase content through the Playstation network. When playing on my British account I have no deluxe content available, but everything is available on the German account (22 cars in garage, 1,200,000 credits, Colin McRae flat out etc.). I have already read on some threads that the content is only available on the specific account that purchased the game content. Is this really true or is there some kind of work around? Surely the content is downloaded to the console, not just to a specific account, and if so, why can I access the GAME on BOTH accounts, but the DELUXE content only on ONE account? All other games that I have ever downloaded through PSN have ALWAYS had equal content on both accounts, regardless of add-ons or packs or upgrades. Thank you for submitting your recent request to Codemasters Customer Services concerning Dirt Rally 2.0. I'm afraid that the DLC will only be available in the My Team mode on the account on which it was purchased/activated. It is available in Freeplay mode on all accounts, however. Sorry for the inconvnenience. Kind regards Rob Codemasters Customer Services