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  1. Ham4tw

    VR FAQ & Performance

    Out of interest How are you recording/streaming the VR view. Is that with the OpenVR plugin for OBS or the SteamVR view or something else?
  2. Ham4tw

    VR FAQ & Performance

    Valve Index VR Settings After fiddling with a lot of settings here are my VR settings for the Valve Index giving me an average 85 to 90 FPS accross most maps, including Scotlands with the woods. No doubt there is probably better setup but hopefully this is a useful starter for anyone running an Valve Index. My PC spec 1080Ti, Intel i9 9900k, 32GB. Nvidia driver 445.87 (15/04/2020), SteamVR 1.11.12 SteamVR running at 90Hz with motion smoothing ON (see attached images at the bottom) (I tried 120Hz but was getting stutters on some maps) SteamVR Render Resolution to CUSTOM and then 100% (2016 x 2240) SteamVR Per application setting I left as default For completeness I've included my Nvidia app settings for DirtRally 2 I've pretty much turned most things off/down apart from texture details on ultra. I've set the resolution to the native size of the headset which keeps things relatively sharp (2560 x 1440) so no super sampling required. I've noticed if you try and maximise the VR spectator view on Windows (e.g. pressing alt + enter) it messes with the resolution set below (so avoid doing that). I use the SteamVR 'Display VR View' for capturing game footage. <graphics_card rating="2"> <eyefinity force="" osd="" /> <stereo enabled="false" separation="0.015" convergence="0.5" /> <resolution width="2560" height="1440" aspect="auto" fullscreen="0" vsync="0" refreshRate="90" multisampling="off" supersampling="0" taa="0" /> <gamma level="1.0" /> <hdr level="1.0" /> </graphics_card> My full XML details below. If anyone has a better setup for the Index I'm be happy to try it out. hardware_settings_config_vr.xml graphics section below: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> <hardware_settings_config version="25" deviceId="0x1B06"> <cpu> <threadStrategy workerMapFile="system/workerMap8Core.xml" forceFeedbackProcessor="6" dvdStorageProcessor="7" dataSetMonitorProcessor="4" renderProcessor="0" updateProcessor="2" fileStreamProcessor="5" /> </cpu> <audio_card> <dynamic_range value="low" /> <eq value="flat" /> <voice_chat enabled="true" /> <push_to_talk enabled="true" /> <music level="0" /> <replay_music level="0" /> <effects level="100" /> <engines level="100" /> <speech level="100" /> <surfaces level="100" /> <voip level="100" /> </audio_card> <motion_platform> <dbox enabled="true" /> <udp enabled="true" extradata="3" ip="" port="20777" delay="1" /> <custom_udp enabled="false" filename="packet_data.xml" ip="" port="20777" delay="1" /> <fanatec enabled="true" pedalVibrationScale="1.0" wheelVibrationScale="1.0" ledTrueForGearsFalseForSpeed="true" /> </motion_platform> <physics environmentalDamage="true" vehicleDamage="true" /> <input device_type="auto" /> <controls neutralTimeToShift="0.25" /> <graphics_card rating="2"> <eyefinity force="" osd="" /> <stereo enabled="false" separation="0.015" convergence="0.5" /> <resolution width="2560" height="1440" aspect="auto" fullscreen="0" vsync="0" refreshRate="90" multisampling="off" supersampling="0" taa="0" /> <gamma level="1.0" /> <hdr level="1.0" /> </graphics_card> <shaders low_quality="true" /> <textures quality="3" /> <anisotropic target="1" /> <shadows enabled="false" size="1" maskQuality="0" particles="false" grass="false" /> <particles enabled="true" wind="true" dynamicRes="true" lowResScalar="4" nearFadeBias="0" emissionRate="0.5" /> <weather quality="0" /> <crowd enabled="true" detail="1" /> <cloth enabled="true" tessellation="true" /> <ground_cover clutter="false" enabled="false" lodScaling="0.25" /> <objects lod="0.1" maxlod="1" stones="false" /> <trees lod="1.0" maxlod="0" meshes="false" /> <vehicles characterQuality="2" lodQuality="1" textureQuality="2" /> <track lod="1.0" /> <reflections> <envmap size="128" quality="0" scaleminsize="2.0" mindistance="0.0" facesPerFrame="3" /> <ibl probeSize="128" diffuseSize="16" diffuseSamples="64" specularSize="128" specularSamples="64" /> </reflections> <mirrors enabled="true" width="192" height="64" car_maxlod="3" car_culldist="100.0" /> <skidmarks enabled="true" /> <dynamic_ambient_occ enabled="false" quality="0" /> <dynamic_ambient_occ_soft enabled="false" /> <night_lighting volumes="false" shadows="true" onlyHeadlights="false" shadowSize="256" renderTrees="true" renderVehicles="false" renderOrganisms="false" /> <anisotropic target="4" /> <aoit enabled="false" /> <avsm enabled="false" /> <postprocess> <motion_blur enabled="true" replayonly="false" /> <god_rays enabled="false" replayonly="false" /> <chromatic_aberration enabled="false" replayonly="false" /> <bloom enabled="false" replayonly="false" /> <lens_flares enabled="true" replayonly="false" /> <light_streaks enabled="false" replayonly="false" /> <lens_dust enabled="false" /> </postprocess> <screenspace_reflections enabled="false" replayonly="true" /> <vr enabled="true" eyeDistanceMultiplier="1.000000" lockedOrientation="false"> <motion_blur enabled="false" /> <vignetteless enabled="true" /> </vr> </hardware_settings_config>
  3. Ham4tw

    VR FAQ & Performance

    Thank you very much for this information. I'm running a Valve Index/1080Ti/i9 9900k/32GB and found it was running 'OK' a week or so ago (after turning things down), then I've started having issues (must have been after an Nvidia driver update. I will check my driver versions tonight). Even after all the VR FAQ performance suggested settings (turning off all MS, SS etc) on the Colin McRae flat out pack, second track in the woods with all the tree's I was getting rediculous slow downs to like 40fps or less (using VR fps to monitor). For other tracks I turned on SteamVR SS (per game) bringining it up to 120% SS which sharpnened the imsage up nice. However when I loaded the game up yesterday it just ingored it and ran at 90% SS for some unknown reason. It's like settings have a life of their own. I also have a Rift-S, so I swapped to that and it is better but I still get slow downs with all the trees. I've turned trees down the lowest settings. I'm going to experiment more with the hardware_settings_config_vr.xml which I have been altering (changing the res, full screen or not etc). Anyway when it is running smooth in VR it's brilliant, their is just lots of fiddling. Settings that work fine one day for one track, don't necessarily work another day on other tracks.
  4. Using a link from this forum, it did take me to this on Steam https://store.steampowered.com/app/1142800/DiRT_Rally_20_Deluxe_20_Season34/ So I can buy seasons 1/2 (and 3/4 which I already have) for £19.99 which is a lot better than £95!
  5. So I'm reallying enjoying Dirt Rally 2.0 and bought the base game back in 2019 on Steam. I also picked up the the season 3/4 DLC and Flat out pack on sale (£6.69 bargain!) a couple of months ago. I would like to complete the DLC and get seasons 1/2 content which I'm missing. Looking on Steam I can't see an option to buy season 1/2 as a bundle, but only buy the cars and track individually for £95.37! 😂 I could re-buy the 'DiRT Rally 2.0 Game of the Year Edition' which seems to have the base game with all the DLC for £44.99, so what is going on here? If I've totally misunderstood and there is an option to buy season 1/2 somwhere I appologies in advance Thanks!
  6. Yes I guess I'm fairly old as I had the original Colin McRae on PC. How things have moved on since then. Having got into VR in recent years, I've regained my love for racing thanks to Dirt Rally & Dirt Rally 2.0. I'm not very good but I still enjoy racing and I'm seeing small improvements the more I play (still getting use to the wheel and pedals having used controllers for many years). I sometimes I live stream, so if you want to see some bloke crashing/rolling a lot in Dirt Rally, then look me up. Cheers, Ham4tw
  7. Lots of good stuff mentioned here laready. The main thing for me is VR mode from the start. Not only that, some thought to the VR spectator screen view so that content creators can showcase VR gameplay to other people (thinking of buying it for VR). Have a look at what Valve did for Half-Life Alyx spectator view, that added image stablisation and additional OSD information to make the experience more appealing to viewers.
  8. Hi, I was wondering if there was a way to adjust the VR screen view (for streaming to Twitch/YouTube) as the default mode looks a little distored, with a black circle arround it. I've tried cropping it in OBS and it just doesn't look good. I can launch the SteamVR spectator view which looks perfect, but it's not quite as smooth as the games rendered spectator view, and I would like to avoid rendering two spectator views if possible, to save on PC resources. Thanks, Ham