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  1. Out of interest How are you recording/streaming the VR view. Is that with the OpenVR plugin for OBS or the SteamVR view or something else?
  2. Valve Index VR Settings After fiddling with a lot of settings here are my VR settings for the Valve Index giving me an average 85 to 90 FPS accross most maps, including Scotlands with the woods. No doubt there is probably better setup but hopefully this is a useful starter for anyone running an Valve Index. My PC spec 1080Ti, Intel i9 9900k, 32GB. Nvidia driver 445.87 (15/04/2020), SteamVR 1.11.12 SteamVR running at 90Hz with motion smoothing ON (see attached images at the bottom) (I tried 120Hz but was getting stutters on some maps) SteamVR Render Resolution to CUSTOM and th
  3. Thank you very much for this information. I'm running a Valve Index/1080Ti/i9 9900k/32GB and found it was running 'OK' a week or so ago (after turning things down), then I've started having issues (must have been after an Nvidia driver update. I will check my driver versions tonight). Even after all the VR FAQ performance suggested settings (turning off all MS, SS etc) on the Colin McRae flat out pack, second track in the woods with all the tree's I was getting rediculous slow downs to like 40fps or less (using VR fps to monitor). For other tracks I turned on SteamVR SS (per game) bringining i
  4. Lots of good stuff mentioned here laready. The main thing for me is VR mode from the start. Not only that, some thought to the VR spectator screen view so that content creators can showcase VR gameplay to other people (thinking of buying it for VR). Have a look at what Valve did for Half-Life Alyx spectator view, that added image stablisation and additional OSD information to make the experience more appealing to viewers.
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