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  1. Hi, So it seems this bug is still a issue after the updatešŸ˜“. Is there something I can do to make this apear less or even stop ? Maby I need to change router settings ? If so, what do I need to change ? Or is it just a waiting game for the next patch and hope it's fixed? Thnx
  2. BarryBadmutz

    Time Trial Cheaters

    Please explain me how this is possible... I did a fast run without mistakes and still I am 8 seconds slower then nr 1 !? How ?
  3. Same problem here... VIP challenges 61/64 complete Win whit George Russel. Tried it 6x whit different lengths,whit and without quali, skip practice and do everything, multiple races in a row in GP but nothing.... Fill activities in my team. Tried a 16 race season whit 8/16 whit full activities between the GP's and the other 8 without activities. Tried whit manual and automatic fill in...nothing Game version 1.08 Ps4 whit Fanatec setup How to fix this issue.....?