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  1. As u can see in the screenshot from f1 2019 the track acclimatisation is renewed! U dont see the gates anymore so the acclimatisation is taken to a higher level now šŸ¤£
  2. BarryBadmutz

    More esports challenges

    Hi, after the 2nd esports event I have a taste for it and want to do this more often. Only problem is that we have to wait a long time before we can try it again. Is it an idea to do similar esports challenges as a weekly event? Or many an option how you wanna do the weekly event maby ?
  3. Hi, I got the same issue on the ps4. Done the GP whit Red Bull 3x pole and 3x for the win and didn't got it... it's the same joke over and over again whit this game -.-'
  4. BarryBadmutz

    Assist bonus points

    I was wondering whit the esports on USA is there a difference in points if u use 2d or 3d dynamic racing line ? Let's say u complete the race whit 3D u get 500 points and whit 2D u get more points (like 750 )or it doesn't work that way ?
  5. Hi,

    Last days i noticedĀ the sound of spectators clapping at start / finish is ridiculously loud! I can't even hear my engine sound anymore. can this be changed/ removed as soon as possible because it's so loud the game looks stupid.Ā Ā I think it is not true that a driver hears the noise of the spectators clapping whenĀ he is racing. It's really annoying because it's way to loud in comparison to enige sounds...when the race is over i can agreeĀ that u hear the spectators, but not when still racing. Please fix this soon



    Gr, Barry

    1. BarryBL


      Can you please post a thread report @BarryBadmutzĀ in the TA section, using the template. If not, try changing your mix settings in your sound options in-game

  6. BarryBadmutz

    Clapping sound start/finish

    Hi, lately I hear that the sound of the people clapping at start / finish is ridiculously loud! I can't even hear my engine sound anymore. Can this be changed or remove/mute as soon as possible? I think its not true that a driver hears the noise of the spectators when he is racing. For example Dutch GP start/finish, Monza just before last corner and start/finish alot of noise from the spectators. Please let me know how I can change the volume or mute the spectators. Thnx !
  7. Hi, So it seems this bug is still a issue after the updatešŸ˜“. Is there something I can do to make this apear less or even stop ? Maby I need to change router settings ? If so, what do I need to change ? Or is it just a waiting game for the next patch and hope it's fixed? Thnx
  8. BarryBadmutz

    Time Trial Cheaters

    Please explain me how this is possible... I did a fast run without mistakes and still I am 8 seconds slower then nr 1 !? How ?
  9. Same problem here... VIP challenges 61/64 complete Win whit George Russel. Tried it 6x whit different lengths,whit and without quali, skip practice and do everything, multiple races in a row in GP but nothing.... Fill activities in my team. Tried a 16 race season whit 8/16 whit full activities between the GP's and the other 8 without activities. Tried whit manual and automatic fill in...nothing Game version 1.08 Ps4 whit Fanatec setup How to fix this issue.....?