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  1. https://support.codefusion.technology/f12016/?l=english copy / paste the code u get on steam, copy the new code and paste it in the steam error, continue....and it will start
  2. hi, before i gone on holiday the game worked fine. i came back from holliday, updated windows and f1 2021 and now the problems started every time i launch the game it says im not connected to the internet and try again or continue...when i press continue it opens a site that says page not found ?? https://support.codefusion.technology/f12021_02394hf72h3d/?l=dutch i need to copy and paste a code from this site before it will work but the site doesnt work so how the hell do i get the code or get the game running ? i tried updating windows, my router, the game, my d
  3. Hi I have a PS4 account and one on the PC, now I just don't understand why I can link both accounts together. I have on my PS4 account the Schumacher Edition and many Livery's that I have saved and bought together. So far i can only use it on ps4 !?? why can't I merge my PS4 account with my PC account so that I can also use everything I bought and earned on my PS4 on the PC!? Now I have to pay double for the same nonsense.....please make this possible
  4. As u can see in the screenshot from f1 2019 the track acclimatisation is renewed! U dont see the gates anymore so the acclimatisation is taken to a higher level now šŸ¤£
  5. Hi,

    Last days i noticedĀ the sound of spectators clapping at start / finish is ridiculously loud! I can't even hear my engine sound anymore. can this be changed/ removed as soon as possible because it's so loud the game looks stupid.Ā Ā I think it is not true that a driver hears the noise of the spectators clapping whenĀ he is racing. It's really annoying because it's way to loud in comparison to enige sounds...when the race is over i can agreeĀ that u hear the spectators, but not when still racing. Please fix this soon



    Gr, Barry

    1. BarryBL


      Can you please post a thread report @BarryBadmutzĀ in the TA section, using the template. If not, try changing your mix settings in your sound options in-game

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