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  1. I think he might be talking about Mattias Ekstrom. His Audi is plastered with Need for Speed stickers. I'm not sure Kenneth Blockington actually has any visible Need for Speed stickers.
  2. Donington and Surfers Paradise sound awesome, so does Miami since I'm a sucker for street circuits but never played Grid 2. 1 worry I have is that Surfers won't be like the real track and just a made up version
  3. Why the BMW is a model from 5-6 years ago I will never know.
  4. The more the merrier in my opinion, as long as they don't shove down my throat to the point that I get sick of it.
  5. I'll try when I get a chance today. I really hope it works!
  6. @TheKazzyMac‌, that's how we all have been doing it. Would someone please tell me, how do I clear my cache?
  7. Would clearing the cache mean you would lose your save and stuff like that?
  8. Any member of the public has those sponsors, I've been trying to Loore to tell us the exact sponsors in a different thread.
  9. Thanks. I tried downloading it again last night and it finally worked. Great stuff! Can anyone else who was experiencing this give it another go? Still wasn't working for me last night, I'll try again this morning.
  10. I joined a quick Custom Cup, it put me into a drifting lobby which included a AI driving the Tyler Mcquarrie Camaro from the Grid 2 DLC. Why would there be a car being driven an AI that isn't even in the game?
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