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  1. Because the US price is the exact same as last year and EA is an american company that has a history of ignoring regional pricing and exchange rates.
  2. They are still charging more than the proper exchange rate, whether it's 5% more for 500% more is irrelevant. If they charge more and don't make long outstanding changes to tracks, AI, graphics issues etc etc, regardless of new features, it doesn't look very good.
  3. So? Does that justify the price hike of 2x-5x in some countries? No! Are you seriously going to try and defend corporate greed?
  4. @BarryBL I'm very disappointed in this pricing strategy with F1 2021. In Canada it's nowhere near as bad as some other countries where it's double or triple the price, but you are still charging more than the current exchange rate between US and Canada. Theoretically it would be cheaper for me to have a US friend gift it to me and I pay them. Raising the price on the game when you admit to not even making minor changes to the tracks...not very business smart if you ask me.
  5. @BarryBL Added Crash output from your Crash Sender and added DXDiag. DxDiag.txt F12020-DLSS-SS-crash.txt
  6. Was posting from my phone while using pc on TV. So didn't have access to keyboard or screenshota etc. Will post when I can.
  7. A detailed description of the issue. And how to make it happen. Every Classic Car my son and I have tried in Splitscreen on PC Win10, DX12. The whole mode bugs out and the bugs vary each time its reloaded. - Shows 2nd player in p1 regardless of where they are. - 2nd player Car is invisible on the grid. - 2nd player car is ghosted on the grid with an Ai car starting inside the player car. - Fastest Lap shown 6 seconds after start of race. - 2nd player car starting in pit lane instead of on grid. - player 1 name shown when player 2 disqualified. - Blue flag warnings at the start of the race (something to do with player 2 being in p1 I'd guess) - Driving camera messed up and offset from the car. Platform PC What version of the game 1.09 on Steam Game-mode? Splitscreen with Classic Cars (F1 and F2 cars seemed to be ok, but I did not check all). What peripherals One Wireless 360 Pad and one Corded 360 pad DxDiag.txt
  8. Krovven

    Podium Pass Season 2

    Explains why it has said 1 day away for 2 days and now shows 12hrs away. Someone at Codemasters coding the timer doesn't know how days work.
  9. Krovven

    Podium Pass 1 Day to Go

    1 day away my arse. It said 1 day away for 2 days and now still says 12 hrs. So assuming that is correct...not until 3am PDT on Wednesday. Edit: had to change the time because it went from 13 to 12 hrs right after posting.
  10. I've sent many crash reports through your automated system since the day you released DLSS with 1.08. My son and I cannot play Splitscreen with DLSS turned on. Crashes the game when it loads the cars on the grid. This is every time, with every car and track I've tried it on. DLSS seems to be fine in other game modes Ive tried. And having to remember to turn this off and on between modes is getting beyond annoying. Using the newest Nvidia drivers, Win10 up to date etc etc.
  11. Krovven

    Invitational event suddenly very hard?

    On Medium difficultly all the Invitationals were pretty easy. France however was bloody tough (by far the hardest) on Medium, but doable (360 PC pad). I just completed it after about 15 attempts. -Figure out where you can cut corners. -Micro manage fuel. I have fuel mode set to up and down on the right stick. Any slow or long medium speed corners drop down to Lean, use Standard fuel when it makes sense. - Coast around the long medium speed corners. -Be aggressive on passing. They won't make it easy on you.