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  1. Is online actually going to work properly for once? I mean, are lag sync issues fixed yet and what kind of game-breaking bug is in the launch version this time before it finally gets patched in May 2015 after F1 2015 is released? These so called 'headline features' indicate to me that CM clearly don't care about the more serious F1 fan and instead trying to appeal to people who clearly don't care and I fully expect to get shafted once again for yet another year (I'm actually expecting some kind of announcement that F1 2015 is delayed as well, come on guys don't let me down)! And based on the
  2. It actually looks.... kind of worse than F1 2013. Why are some of the key headline features "Very Easy mode" and "Shorter Career options"? Do Codemasters even listen to their audience or their followers? Stop trying to appeal to F1 newbies and focus on the fans who still continue to stick by the company and get shafted year in, year out.
  3. My expectation: F1 2014 announced for X360, PS3 and PC only, no next gen. Not difficult to top that surely?
  4. Loads of focus on rally events please! They were simply awesome fun and the only events I played constantly on DiRT. The thought of next gen DiRT already has got me really excited!
  5. I just want an enjoyable handling model, where the cars will actually react to the environments around it rather than floating across it. Reactions to kerb hopping, touching the grass and wet weather driving needs a big upgrade and I hope next gen brings this. On a wishful thinking note, I'd like a more complex penalty system in the style of iRacing which aims to eradicate bad driving. For example, if you run four wheels off the track then the game makes a note of it and warns the driver, but if you accumulate too many of these then you can get penalised (in iRacing it's something like 17 sepa
  6. I look at Grid Autosport and how surprised I was to see the game was releasing pretty quickly after announcement, so I'm still hopeful of a similar release date to previous years.
  7. The later they leave the announcement, the less time they will have to talk up the game and then be a crushing disappointment. Also, it gives them a top excuse when they forget to leave out features that are heavily requested: "Well, it's about to go gold tomorrow so we can't really add anything new at this stage. Maybe next year eh...!"
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