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  1. UnclBensRiceTym

    (PS4) LOOKING FOR CLEAN LEAGUE (for 4 new members)

    Hey dude, Any idea what times you'll be racing? Also can't see where I'm meant to put names down, could you send me a link? Cheers
  2. UnclBensRiceTym

    (PS4) LOOKING FOR CLEAN LEAGUE (for 4 new members)

    Hey! The league sounds great but we are on NZ time so that will be 5:30am for us haha Thanks anyway
  3. Me and my mates have started to get our heads round the game and we can race cleanly. All four of us have time on our hands even without the pandemic lol All of us race using these assists... TC : Medium-Full Braking : Low-Off Racing Line : Corners only ERS : Auto Gears : 2x Automatic 2x Manual Pit Stuff : All Auto We'd prefer these settings for the race weekend... Schedule: 1-2x a week 25% Race Short Quali (Don't mind with regards to practice) Penalties/Safety car etc. all on Prefer Dynamic Weather Damage on reduced/full Like I say we're relatively inexperienced but were not going to quit out after being 30 seconds behind or anything. Let me know if you have any spaces free in any upcoming seasons. Ben 🙂