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  1. SSAttack

    Our game experience

    P11 start to P2 finish at Hockenheim in Last nights LIVE stream over on the FB page.. Medium to soft swap meaning we could really punch after the Mercedes and get a Ferrari 1/2
  2. SSAttack

    Our game experience

    Full wet race at Silverstone in last nights LIVE stream..
  3. SSAttack

    Our game experience

    Racing in Austria yesterday almost yielded another win, but fuel issues put a stop to that as we could only finish P5. But a win for LeClerc gives Ferrari some very solid points as a whole...
  4. SSAttack

    Our game experience

    Rain coming in late on last nights LIVE stream at the Canadian Grand Prix..
  5. SSAttack

    Our game experience

    Chasing Vettel’s RedBull at the Monaco Grand Prix in last nights live stream.
  6. SSAttack

    Our game experience

    Thank you 🙏
  7. SSAttack

    Our game experience

    Thank you very much.. haha, yes they must have just watched the Heineken Legends stream lol
  8. SSAttack

    Our game experience

  9. SSAttack

    Our game experience

  10. SSAttack

    Our game experience

    Hi all, thought we’d put up a post here with media/photos of things from yes, 2019 game, and of course the upcoming 2020 version from our LIVE streams and general play.. look forward to speaking with some of you. kind regards.
  11. Have very much decided on our Team.. a very obscure one from F1 that will form the basis of our Facebook LIVE streams.. All based though on what engine suppliers are available in the game though to see if it fits the story.. All in all though, hopefully a very good mode with variable options. Fingers crossed it’s a good package.
  12. SSAttack

    Hello F1 Community

    Hello all... ScuderiaSuperAttack here - content creator and LIVE streamer of the F1 games. Whilst we’re building a great community over our Facebook Gaming page, it seemed obvious we should jump over to the root of the community here and also say hello. Based in Japan about one hour from Suzuka Circuit, we have a great passion for Motorsport (as do all the crazy Japanese supporters) and Suzuka is one hell of a complex to visit.. we’ve been lucky enough to visit it a host of times. we just completed another season of career mode in our LIVE streams last night, and will be starting back up in the next couple of days with the next season, which we should get to finish on time easily enough before the new game drops in early July, at which point we’ll be doubling up and having both MY TEAM and CAREER mode content going up - literally can’t wait to see what the new game offers. Hopefully as we go forward we’ll get to connect with some of you and get to know you better, and maybe even be able to get into some multiplayer games with you all (clean racing of course haha). Thats it for now, please take care of yourselves and family in these tough times we’re all experiencing. See you all soon. ScuderiaSuperAttack.