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  1. FERLeague

    BFR (Xbox) Looking for drivers

    It expired mate. Can you post again?
  2. FERLeague

    [XBOX] Looking for a competitive and clean league

    Hi, we have a league you can check out our Instagram and DM is you would like some more info. Here is a link to our Instagram https://www.instagram.com/fer.league/ # DM us, we're always looking out for new talent!
  3. Are you looking for a place to put your F1 skills to the test? Then look no further than here, FER. We are new and looking for members of any skill calibre. DM us on Instagram (or reply to this message) @fer.league if you would like to get a seat in Season 1! Quick, they're being taken quickly! Please do DM us for any queries. Our Calendar will consist of 10 25% races and One 50% race. These will all have Short Qualifying. This link will take you to our Instagram page where YOU can get in touch!! https://www.instagram.com/fer.league/