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  1. Have you tried quitting the race then re-starting it? I found in most cases that allowed me to start from pole (as I should have done the first time) - it's a pain but in the short term it's a workaround that has allowed me to continue my progress.
  2. Hi, Only picked up Grid recently in one of the sales, been enjoying it in recent weeks. Downloaded an update today, tried to complete some career races and found that there was an issue with qualifying -I saw a couple of other forum posts, one about multiplayer and one about Stadia. Just letting you know this is affecting xbox as well. Basically I've qualified in first on a number of races and gone to start the race and found myself in 16th. This has mostly been fixed by quitting the race and returning to it but it is a pain and something the update today appears to have introduced. My system is an Xbox one X, with Logitech G920 wheel. Thanks D Edit; Having gone back to the game after creating this post, I initially thought I was going mad. However for anyone testing this, for some reason the first race in an event seems to be unaffected. Seems to only occur on race 2 onwards. Also whilst quitting and resuming an event mostly fixed it, I've found sometimes it starts you mid pack in the race and the only way I've found to fix that is to re-qualify and that seems to allow you to start from the front. I've been running races from the tail end of the stock division and some of the invitational classic GT races if that helps at all.