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    Playstation Plus free game

    Yes i have an active subscription to PS Plus, has been renewing automatically Each year for 4 years now. in regards to why.... let me re-phrase.... the connection speed and reliability itself is reasonable, so i can still play PVP games online OK. (Hence having PS Plus) But the technology used is horrible, so i use my iPhone hotspot and so the big telcos only have small plans 100gb/month for $80/month Etc etc etc... that is why i cant delete and re-download the game at freedom.
  2. Hi folks. New here.... problem here, in April, Dirt Rally 2.0 was in the “free games for april” playstation plus package. I claimed the game as soon as it cam on the PS Plus page and added it to my library. it is now May 12th, i finally got around to downloading the game, but when i start it up, it says it is only the trial version, and i must pay 62 dollars (or there abouts) if i want to have access to the full game. I am mot sure what has gone wrong. It was advertised as the full game on PS Plus. I have spent ages googleing forums and other sites and it seems nobody else has this problem because i cant find anything else similar to my problem. Everybody else is talkimg about “how great the game is, thanks so much Playstation” etc etc etc...... any help would be appreciated. I cant just delete and re-download it because here in the rural australia our internet is bad and i only get 100gb a month download limit and the game is like 80gigs so i already used up all my download just to play it. can anybody help? thanks! 🙂