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  1. GDG287

    Bad drivers

    The race starts and immediately SCHUMACHER tries to take me out. We get to the chicane and he just runs through it and then puts me into the wall and I get a DNF and go from a 4.7 safety rating to a 3.8. This stuff is making this game almost insufferable.
  2. GDG287

    Bad drivers

    Here is another for the hall of shame. SCHUMACHER. FullSizeRender.mov FullSizeRender.mov
  3. GDG287

    VIP Membership.

    I have paid for VIP membership, but after the latest update I only have three slots for research boxes and none of the other VIP advantages are working.
  4. GDG287

    VIP membership.

    I am a subscriber to VIP, however since the update I have lost my fourth slot for boxes and my ability to research two boxes at the same time. When I click on the fourth box it pops up that I am subscribed to VIP however changes nothing. Way to go on this horrible update.
  5. Thanks for ruining the game. They never listen to the actual problems and just ruined the game.
  6. GDG287

    2020 update is here

    Everything changed with my car. Braking is horrible, speed has dropped, now have to relearn all tracks. On top of all of that they also added more time required to open research boxes. 2 hour box now takes 4 hours and the four hour box now takes 6. I am sure they added more garbage to try to convince you to spend money. I have been playing this game just short of two months and I may be done.
  7. GDG287

    Cars with lower PI

    I’m not using break assist and these cars just run away from me from the start.
  8. GDG287

    Cars with lower PI

    I keep having races where cars with two or three hundred less pi just destroy me. I understand that there are different setups, but these cars seem to have the same setup just lower pi. I am setting fastest lap times and they are pulling away from me like I am sitting still. It has even happened several times with cars that had zero pi. Is this just me?