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  1. DolfLundgren

    Need help stabilizing FPS

    Switching the v-sync option from "on" to "fast" in the Nvidia options made it 90% more stable, thanks everyone.
  2. DolfLundgren

    Noob question

    Nvm, it's called time-control braking - an assist setting I apparently didn't turn off with all the others. It assumes you become an idiot and not use the brakes after the finish line so it does it for you. Occasionally it destroys the car in the middle of a tournament.
  3. DolfLundgren

    Noob question

    Maybe it's something you don't notice without force feedback on a wheel, but under specific circumstances it ends up being like a random stomp on the brakes out of my control. The noise isn't a problem, the wheel getting erroneously yanked for no apparent reason is.
  4. DolfLundgren

    Noob question

    You know that weird auto-brake that happens when you cross the finish line that comes accompanied by a weird beep and turbo-decompression sound (for lack of any better way of describing it)? What is that all about? Is that a thing from real life? Some small percentage of the time when it happens I'm going quickly enough around a corner that I lose control of the vehicle and cause major damage in the middle of a tournament. Is there some way to avoid this?
  5. DolfLundgren

    Need help stabilizing FPS

    Greetings everyone, I'm sure you've discussed this topic to death but I'm hitting a wall (har har) on squeezing out the last little bit of performance I need to get a stable FPS on my very humble pc. To start, the specs i7-4770 (non-k) 16gb DDR3-1600 (non-fancy PNY ram) Corsair 750w Gold Mid tier Sandisk SSD Gigabyte GTX1070 Mini AOC 2590G4 144hz monitor via Displayport MSI Afterburner for tweaks and monitoring I've pared down the settings, limited (and unlimited) the max fps via the Nvidia control panel (and in the game itself), set everything to max performance. A minor 75mhz core clock boost works ok but anything past that doesn't really improve the FPS or stability of the frame times. I can get a *generally* solid 135fps, but occasional drops to 100-119fps do pop in there for no apparent reason. No changes in weather, lighting, etc seem to really be the cause. What confuses me the most is the GPU usage doesn't consistently max out when the drops happen, so it isn't at all clear what to tweak. Lowering the detail settings in game doesn't improve the issue either. Limiting the FPS to 120 only causes the drops to move down into the 90-100fps range, either situation is very disorienting at high speeds. Any suggestions? I know it's a bit of a Cadillac problem but I'm so close to the goal, any help is appreciated.