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  1. @issueskid check out what @viniciusrsouza said here. Looks like other games do offer the 'voice command' feature. 'By the way, there are other games that DO HAVE this feature, without needing a Kinect. Forza Horizon 4 is an example and I discovered this exactly right here in this forum, when someone was answering another voice commands thread.'
  2. @RhysWon1 ah.. cool! looks like Codemasters are just simply trying to match everything to real life (Which I'm okay with that). I didn't know about the 'party mode' until I actually started reading the link you shared. Well, one less thing to worry about I guess. I just hope they add 'voice command' to XSX. Thanks for your help!
  3. Cristopherm27

    Fuel Mix

    Can anyone explain why during practice you can change the fuel mix, but during the race that setting is greyed out? meaning that you can change from lean, standard, and rich? didn't something like this happened in real life too?
  4. is this the thread to report codes? If so, I have report code: EJXR-MMGT-KMSV-GTJG
  5. @Dhruvilp888 & @DevilsManiac so I just finally changed the 'radio output device' to headphone and could hear Jeff. Then, I turned off my headset and put it back to auto and can't hear anything again. Does this mean that I will need to play with the headset all the time? I don't mind.. but this is where they should add voice-command since my headset has a microphone. @DevilsManiac so what is the work around for hearing Jeff/engineering in the the sound system (with no headphones)?
  6. @issueskidany idea when the new update for Xbox Series X is coming out? I saw that PC and PS4 got it but XSX|S is still pending. I believe it's patch 1.04, right?
  7. @issueskid I found this: https://support.xbox.com/en-US/help/hardware-network/digital-assistant-voice-commands/turn-on-turn-off-with-voice-commands#:~:text=One of the features of,is set to instant-on. With all being said, even if the coders/developers from Codemasters and MS would work together to fix this issue would be great. Perhaps MS would agree to allow players use the kinect on Series X again only for this F1 21 game. HAHA.. I appreciate you sharing this feedback with the coders/developers. I do hope that they fix this as the next-gen consoles are the new thing now.
  8. @issueskid Well, that's good to know that the audio code team are aware of the issue and all the feedback from the community. Are you guys working with Microsoft to hopefully find a solution sometime soon? I honestly don't know why MS walked away from the Kinect for the XSX|S. Quick question though. How come Alexa works with voice commands with the Series X? I turn on/off, put the volume up/down with voice command via Alexa. Is there anything that could be done for voice command using Alexa?
  9. @issueskid your name tag says Codemasters Staff/audio director - f1 franchise. Are you part of the audio engineering over at Codemasters? but what about a headset? most headset connect to the XSX via USB. As a matter of fact, I have a PC gaming headset RIG-800. Can you guys come up with a code or alternative fix for the headset?
  10. @issueskid will you guys add 'voice command' for the Xbox Series X? I own a RIG-800 headset that connects to my XSX via USB. My headset has a microphone so it should be doable, right? no technical limitations there. Even if you guys patch it by making all XSX|S players/drivers buy the Microsoft new headset, would be great.
  11. @DevilsManiac Hey, I'm also on Xbox Series X and I can't hear Jeff when I'm playing Braking Point. I'm not using my headset but my TV sound system, since CM didn't add 'voice command.' So, you are saying that the work around for now is to use my headset and turn off the auto for 'radio output device' and put headset?
  12. I believe I just asked this same question on a different thread. I don't hear from Jeff/engineering team while driving and playing Braking Point. Is there some technical issue going on? or as they call it 'technical limitations'
  13. is anyone else having issues with sound while playing Braking Point? I can't hear anything from the engineering/Jeff when I select the command (since they didn't add voice command to the XSX). Even when I complete the race, I don't hear anything from Jeff.
  14. @philappleraily I see.. for sure, I think they can still add it. It's kind of ridiculous for them not to add this feature, it doesn't feel like a full game.
  15. @philappleraily how do you know? I'm staying hopeful man... this is a huge part in racing! everyone that has a next-gen console owns a headset. I don't see the 'technical limitations' if worse comes to worse, they should at least make it to a point where you have to use Microsoft's new gaming headset. I currently own the RG800 (comes with a mic) and connects to my XSX via USB.
  16. @MadEvilBeavis76 are you saying that they could possibly patch it for the Xbox Series X? or just for the Kinect?
  17. @BarryBL I just purchased my copy of F1 2021 for Xbox Series X and noticed that the voice command is not there. I read the entire thread and you said that it's due to technical limitations. However, will there be a fix eventually? I mean... I even added this to your forums last year when you guys were developing the game. I'm currently using the RIG 800 headset and it connects to the XSX via USB. How come you guys can't fix this? At least give players for XSX to have the option to use the headset's microphone while driving. Please fix this.. I've been waiting for this game to come out an
  18. @azombie1223I was looking forward to using voice commands on my Xbox Series X using my headset but it looks like it's same joke as last year! How are you supposed to scroll down through the MFD menu in the middle of driving? C'mon... are they going to fix this!? I even suggested this last year to CodeMasters while they were developing the game. I'm using the RIG 800 headset. I'm not sure why they can't make it work if the headset is connected to the xbox directly. @viniciusrsouza did you said you tried the new xbox wireless headset and still doesn't work? Meanwhile, I found
  19. The new trailer for F1 2021 looks good! However, it would be cool if you guys can confirm in adding the following: -Since MS-Xbox got rid of the Kinect for the Xbox Series X, it would be cool if you guys can add the setting where you can talk to Jeff/team via voice using the headset. The RIG 800LX headset receiver connects directly to XSX via USB. -Being able to change the colors of the visors when editing helmets. Colors like gold, green, yellow, etc. -Being able to edit the helmets and the decals on the helmet.
  20. are they going to add the setting where you can talk to Jeff via your headset when playing on Xbox Series X? where can you give suggestions to the developers? It would be cool if they can also add a setting where you can change the color of the visor on your helmet.
  21. For the F1 2021 game, can you guys add the following: 1. Since MS decided to get rid of the Kinect, it would be cool if you can talk to Jeff using your headset. Since the receiver from the headset connects to the Xbox directly via USB. Like the RIG 800LX Marathon Wireless Gaming Headset. Link: https://www.bestbuy.com/site/rig-800lx-marathon-wireless-gaming-headset-for-xbox-series-xs-and-xbox-one-black/6359239.p?skuId=6359239&ref=212&loc=1&ref=212&loc=1&gclid=CjwKCAjw6fCCBhBNEiwAem5SO8U3wvFhML6z4FpgBGKhnVRpkjtsBDXOV8LaaKnvP630V8GNcoDloBoCI2QQAv
  22. Not sure what are the latest news with the F1 2021 video game. But please make sure to include the following: 1. Since Xbox Series X got rid of the Kinect, can you guys add a feature or setting where you can use your headset like the (RIG 800 headset) to be able to talk to Jeff on the radio 2. Be able to change the color of the visor on the helmet 3. More ways to edit the face when creating a driver
  23. For F1 2021, It would be cool if you can do the following: 1. Be able to change the color of the visor on the helmet 2. Be able to upload a picture for your created player/driver or have more options to edit face 3. Be able to change the colors of the racing suit. 4. Be able to talk to Jeff via the headset since XSX got rid of the Kinect (I think this one is the most important).
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