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  1. AnomalyXD

    Wish list for F1 2021

    F1 2020 is a very exciting game for me. But i have some ideas for the future game F1 2021. 1.For 'My Team' career mode,F1 Drivers can also create their own team. For example, Lewis Hamilton creates his own team call 'Hamilton GP'. 2.Should add national anthem for podium wins 3.Adding F3 cars would be a great idea 4.Former F1 Drivers can also return to the sport.For example, 'Nico rosberg replacing Kimi Raikkonen for Alpha Romeo'. 5.Adding classic tracks would be a great idea like Jerez or Sepang. 6.For classic cars, why not add 2011-2014 F1 cars in F1 2021 7.For 'My Team' career mode, why not add more choices of engine supplier like BMW engine, Lamborghini engine, etc 8.Why not add Martin Brundle's voice for the Commentator with David Croft's voice for realism/ 9.Add more Scenarios for Gameplay. 10.Make the engine sounds as realistic as possible because currently im not satisfied with 2018-2020 Car engine like Honda engine sounds, Mercedes engine sounds,etc 11.Why not add Well known people in the game like Rowan Atkinson representing Mclaren. 12.It would be a good idea when driving to the grid manually during formation lap instead the game take over the car. 13.Add more car Failure like Suspension Failure, Brake Failure,etc.And maybe add more random failure frequently to the player instead to the AI.It will be annoying when u have a failure during gameplay. But it will be abit interesting and challenging for the player. That's all for now.I will add more stuff in this topic. I hope Codemasters will read this Goodbye.