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  1. If you have access to the beta forum.. up100 made a post on the beta week 3 thread 😊
  2. Yes it does, but i dont know when your key/code will arrive 😉
  3. No! we signed a strict NDA agreement, when signing up to be a beta tester
  4. No code/key here 😊 (PC) @BarryBL any update i can see that at least one person on PC have gotton a code
  5. Yeah I could only imagine how busy he is!! So he definitely deserves a break 😊
  6. Its Early Barry might still be asleep so be patient. Am bst time last like 4 more hours 😉 its 7:17 am bst now
  7. I haven't received a code, but i have access to the beta forum 😊
  8. When Will we see ratings for F2 drivers, so we can start planning a bit more 👍😊 I know the admins and the codemasters team are busy adding people to week 3 of beta testing
  9. Im thinking about Audi f1 racing or Correll f1 racing.. My last name is Correll so maybe i Will use that, like Williams is a family name/race team 😊
  10. Its gonna be so fun and interesting to get started 👍 cant wait 😊
  11. Great news!! Hope im one of the lucky once! Good look everyone!! 👍😊
  12. There are some youtube videos where they go through the video in more details and slowly so you can see the differences
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