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  1. I have the same problem. I dont had any issue with any other game but this game is not working. I already ask a refund and i will buy it again when its working.
  2. Somebody know anything about crossplay? I know in the xbox store it sad it has crossgen multiplayer, but Dirt 5 gets an update and that game has crossplay. In the beta it had crossplay? 🙂
  3. Last year F1 ban the "party mode" maybe this is why you cant change it on the race.
  4. Yes! You can pre download the game and you dont had to purchase but if you dont purchase it you cant start the game when it will release. Now at the moment if you download the F1 2021 then its just download a 200mb file so its is only the pre ordered thing as you can buy the game already and if you do that you got "something".
  5. I saw the game in the xbox store and it had only one game so we get the same game with the last gen version but the game will be better graphics and ray tracing etc? This will be the only difference? Then i think this game will be only an F1 2020+ version and it is sad why we cant get a better game on next gen 😕
  6. If its true then its a bad thing. Yeah maybe the visual will be good but if the next gen will have the same physics than it wont be a full next gen game 😞
  7. Yeah, its cross gen but you play it as a PS4 game on your PS5 this is why you can play with your PS4 friends. If F1 2021 will release like Fifa 2021 then you can do it if you play on the last gen version and not the next gen.
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