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  1. Its the ingame setting that says I’m mapping Arrow down..
  2. Hello! Can someone help me with a wheel setting, when I press the accelerator paddle it said I pressed the down arrow, when I disconnect my controller it’s fixed but I need the controller. Help is welcome 🙂 My wheel is a Hori Apex
  3. Deluxe edition is for nobody on disk, me as a Xbox player has the same feelings as you. Sad they only did it digital…
  4. Ehm, it’s work in PROGRESS, wait till 1 day before the release, that will be the OFFICIAL GAME
  5. Thanks man haha, it’s always stressful because you wanna got the beta. Wait will get paid of I hope! thanks for that info and I can’t wait for more information. good evening
  6. Hello there, im GONA say something stupid but it is what it is. when are the mails etc releasing. I know we all need patience but I’m verry bad at that, if you can say a date you will help me a lot! greets
  7. I follow you with your opinion! now lets wait for the beta I gues. We will get more information about that to. hopefully Codemaster will release some stuff to!
  8. I personally think they don’t GONA add Red flags, some stupid drivers can ruin some League races and Open lobby’s and about the crash physics. Everything can be different but I think they GONA stay with this design because of the sponsors and the Sport itself. it isn’t a good promotion to see a car with nothing on it. but I can’t wait to play the game and even the BETA!
  9. It will be amazing! Maby not so good for the driver but for the Spectators(Commentators) it will be awesome
  10. It will be a great game with a lot of new tracks, HUD is better and more functional I hope to. less Buggs and glitches to I hope. Maby we can help codemaster with that 😉
  11. It will be me first time to! Giving good feedback is the important thing to do for codemaster and some fun 😉 No problem mate
  12. No problemo mate! we are here to help each other (BETA mails will be out this week or next week. That’s a good date I think) 😉
  13. Hello, If you are signed up you need to have a lot of patience and luck. Normally it goes the round when they start sending mails. if you where lucky you will get one. and for answer on your questions. You need to apply the code in the store best of luck!
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