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  1. ot4ku said:
    1) Its an amazing game... but, can you explain if all items on the Timeline are FREE or is this everything costs extra 5 eur or so DLC? You said everything in the Early Access phase but im sure your plan is to get more money out of it over the following month after final release.
    --> https://www.dirtgame.com/uk/timeline 
    Pikes Peak Pack, RallyCross Pack, PVP Pack all sound like DLC, just wanna know if that extra content, so if you put it together the game could costs at least double from the Early Access costs. It just feels that way, so it would be nice if you can explain this a bit. 
    it has been confirmed by Codies that everything that we got during early access is free, Pikes Peak, Rallycross and the others on timeline are free since they are coming while the game still in early access. 
  2. austinb said:
    I get that once people purchase the Early Access game they wont need to buy any more content for it. But once the game leaves early access, will PC users who purchased the early access version have to pay out again for the full version?
    And will there be dlc that you have to pay for once the game is out of early access?
    If a dev could clear this up thatd be great because its slightly vague atm, thanks
    Once the game leave early access, if you have purchased the game already you dont need to pay again. Early access grants you the chance to play the game while in W.I.P. and keep the game once it is completed. 

    Future DLC after early access is depend on Codemaster, they could choose to charge us for it or give it out for free. 
  3. I am put off by the lack of livery for these cars in SP since I dont play MP much and driving a plain car among properly livery cars feels odd. From what I know, the Mclaren F1 GTR came with 1 livery but last I checked all the other cars doesnt have any livery on it. I find it rather odd that the BMW Z4 GT3 is released without its factory livery as seen on Steam store page. 

    I hope Codemaster will add 1 livery for these road cars or release a template out for the community to make one. I'm going to assume the Nissan GTR R35 wont have any livery due to license restriction like back in GRID 2 but I hope the others could have at least one livery to make it look like it is part of the game. 

  4. My solution to the track DLC is to make it depend on the person hosting the game. 

    If the host has the specific track DLC, everyone in the session get to play it whether they own the DLC or not. People who dont own the DLC could play it online but they cant practice on those tracks in offline and this way wont separate the online community as well. 
  5. Andi said:
    You sure PC isn't the 24th? I'm from Australia so I can't tell myself but Steam generally release games at different dates for different regions.

    Loore mention it on the Steam forum that the game unlocks on PC on 27th worldwide. 
  6. Loore said:
    BAB0 said:
    Will the DLC be integrated to the game career or is it in quick race only and the season pass is for mini-expansion only or it will include car packs?

    The mini-expansions all have single player integration in the form of new championships :)

    Season pass covers all car packs and mini-expansions. 
    how about the car packs? Can the cars be used in career or just quick race.
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