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  1. JanCelotto

    My PS4 was hacked!

    Any help would be much appreciated 😀
  2. JanCelotto

    New to F1 and PS4

    Thank you! That seems to work! Where is the options menu to find the control scheme? Apologies for being such an amateur! also, I started in F1 as one of the pro drivers. Just logged back on and I’m restarting as myself in F2. How did that happen?
  3. JanCelotto

    New to F1 and PS4

    Or if no one knows ... can anyone give me an idea of where to look please...
  4. JanCelotto

    New to F1 and PS4

    Hello I have bought a PS4 with dual shock controller with F1 2019, but no instructions. Can any of you lovely people advise me of which button does which please X