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  1. Both XBOX and PC have F1 2020 have the game available to pre-order at least in the US. I am concerned that PS4 will not receive this option. There is no evidence showing that it's coming to the PSN store. Can anyone give any information to ease my mind haha?
  2. As a league video maker and commentator, I love to see new additions to the overall realism to the real-world broadcasting. It looks like we might see some new graphics or some slightly new style designs. I am hoping that this game we get a more realistic looking qualifying graphic, that would be a huge step up for me. I also hope that spectators mode is getting some new additions and that we can have more broadcast-style graphics on the screen for viewers on league live streams. I know some of these ideas might be at the moment pipe dreams but I think 2020 is the start of these sort of immersion focused details. And at least for me will help the look of my YouTube videos and live streams. What do you guys want to see from the new game in terms of TV Broadcast Authenticity?
  3. IGK_Ickx


    Hey guys, my Gamertag on PS4 is IGK_Ickx. I have been playing F1 since 2013. I am a former Ferrari Challenge North America driver, an eSports Commentator and the leader of my F1 division on my team. Looking forward to talking with everyone here!