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  1. Thornir

    Magic opponent

    I suspect it is a server issue. It tries to keep both cars up to date, but if there is a connection issue, the server will try and estimate where your opponent is, then when it reconnects it will update. I had a race where I was behind my opponent by a few tenths of a second most of the race, but when it finished I got the win and my opponent had a DNF in sector 2.
  2. Thornir

    To my fellow F1 Mobile Racers...

    I have raced you as Maxverstappen. Don’t remember specifics, but it’s good to know when there is a real driver on the other side and one who enjoys the racing first.
  3. Thornir

    2020 update is here

    That would be great, and it would be nice if it could factor into the safety rating. Or maybe a way to indicate preferred opponents for the server? I enjoy this game a lot when I get someone who is clearly trying to race hard, and maybe we bump while jockeying for position or avoiding AI cars, but they aren’t a-holes smashing into everything trying to ensure a win.
  4. Thornir

    Anyone noticed change in Engine noise?

    I at first thought the acceleration was screwed up. Gear changes sounded like I let off the accelerator for a moment, rather than a clear gear shift.
  5. I’m trying hard to understand how the game works, or is supposed to work. I just played a Grid Start race on Circuit of the Americas. Started ahead of my opponent. At the first turn, my opponent goes careening through the pack, does this “S” maneuver, seemingly hitting almost every car ahead of them, and gets into first place with no penalty. I end up rear ending one of the cars he struck and get a contact power penalty. This makes absolutely no sense.
  6. Thornir

    Gold research box

    I’m still trying to figure out what make these cards “legendary”. The fact that to get a measly 5% boost to aero and braking you get to take up 8 R&D slots?
  7. Thornir

    R&D points

    Do you mean the resource points used to upgrade parts? Those come from winning sectors and clean driving bonuses and the amount increases with level. R&D points come each time you level up and are only a couple at a time. I am currently level 21. With a clean race winning all three sectors I can earn 68 resource points in a duel, and can double them if I watch an ad. I have 42 R&D points to allocate across my ten parts slots.
  8. Thornir

    Bad drivers

    Has anyone else had the joy of being rammed so hard your car is launched into the air and lands on the track facing backwards? Happened to me twice this weekend. One of the times I actually caught up to the ******* and won.