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  1. navernoe

    Big jump in difficulty between Clubman and Pro

    Ai is indeed strange in DR2. I breezed through open club and pro, got really challenged in elite, and masters is nothing like other racing games i played. It's like go stupid_worldrecord_fast or go home. It may be a good thing for a video game. I am not complaining. But when i look at fast wr runs and i compare them with real life wrc driving - wrc is way slower. Is it just me? I can get a stage win in masters if i had like 20 time trial runs in that very stage. If i had enough time and motivation - i could've done enough test runs and learn enough stages, but since there's no motivation and that is somehow unlike real rally as i understand it - i choose not to go through all that grinding.
  2. navernoe

    Year One Pass - Unwanted 2.4 million credits

    I had the same thoughts when i started GOTY version. I just played as if 2.4m = 0 and never spent more. But i guess you can buy/sell cars and actually bring it down to 0 credits. Frustrating but oh well - modern games are like that i guess.
  3. navernoe

    DR2 questions

    Hey! Thanks for your reply! - I tend to have difficult times with 5s and 4s. 6 is usually (like 90%) flat out if there are no crests/jumps and incoming tighter corners oh and that's if the car is positioned okay on entry(not completely sideways). Your idea about editing pace notes - oh man, that would be so awesome. I hope that one day someone will do it. As for my cars progression in DR2 it's this: Mini -> VW Golf -> Ford Escort Mk2 (probably Kadett would be a bit safer choice, but ford is fun) -> BMW M3 (tried Sierra - not my cup of tea) -> Lancia 037. I think 037 is the perfect rwd racing car in this game. It's lightweight, it's bloody fast, it's supercharged (so no turbolags). I find it more predictable than Stratos. They are kinda similar but to an extent. Those 80 extra hp matter. In Stratos - IF you get the hang of it - you just go fast. In 037 like 60% of the times i am switching to fifth gear - It's fear inducing (as it perhaps is supposed to be). Oh and masters championship is ahem - well i'd say it's grandmasters championship. These are my "screenshots". One is current leaderboard (ps4 only) and the other - my stage ranking Yep, 2 AI drivers smash current WR (okay ps4 WR). So i now have zero chances of winning and so far it's ok with me.
  4. navernoe

    DR2 questions

    Wow guys - thanks for your answers. I didn't use forums much in last decade or so - glad to know this community is alive and well. About pace notes - well, i do know how they are explained in game - i saw those pictures with different curvatures etc, but my question was - how do you specifically "translate" them into your driving. About getting to masters - well, i just kinda did what i did in DR1. With each promotion I got a next gen car (H1 FWD -> H2 FWD -> H2RWD -> H3RWD -> so now i am in masters in GrBRWD - frankly not the easiest combo). When i started elite with an M3 (without engine upgrades) my times were awful. So i upgraded a car, abandoned championship, started anew. (In DR1 i got upgrades in custom championships before starting actual career championship) And i finished 4 out of 6 events (2 wins, 1 second place and got some points). DNF on other two events but surprisingly overall total got me a 3rd place in a championship - so i got promoted to masters. At some events i do decent times, at some others mediocre times (and it's all about making it to the finish every stage - i found that in DR2 top AI drivers do tend to make more mistakes and if you make less mistakes - you get more points than they get). Some events are harder for me - some others are easier. As for dailies - i just recently started them - so far i had one run i am kinda proud of - a short NZ stage in 037 - i was in a top tier (№33 in ps4 leaderboard). And you should totally check out other classes in career. At least to upgrade cars for dailies. (If i understand it right - you use "your own" car in dailies/weeklies etc. So that means it does or does not have engine upgrades (which are essential). I use logitech g25 wheel - nothing fancy i guess.
  5. navernoe

    DR2 questions

    Hey guys! I am sort of new to DR games (got DR1 last year, played for 2 weeks with controller, and for a week more with old wheel, wheel broke down and i stopped playing). But i got new wheel just before quarantine days so i played a lot in recent months). First of all - big thanx to codemasters, i played CMR games (1,2,3,04,05) and you guys are really good. And DR2 GOTY release is so awesome, thank you again. So now that i played DR1 and DR2 for some time - i have some questions about DR2. 1. Car setups. Is everyone just using GTR Technical ones? They are good, most of them are. And he did a tremendous amount of work to put all those setups for all those cars and stages. Kudos for that. But it would be nice to compare, you know. Also i wonder if there are any good old school texts (not videos) about tuning. There's a big text guide on steamworkshop but it is weirdly translated into english and i don't quite get the meaning sometimes. 2. Racing lines visualisation. Now that i made it to masters in DR2 (i've won masters in DR1 with 037 and deltas, so i kinda thought i know how to drive at least) - i am struggling. I've watched some videos of the faster players and i've found out that they are using more width of the road than i usually do. So i thought if there are some videos i don't yet know about with rally racing line visualised? You know like in racing sims (GTsport etc) - where there's a line and it's color differs whether you need to slow down or not. I mean - i can win a stage or two in germany where line is easy and there isn't much drifting, but with other countries it's hard for me. 3. Pace notes. Okay so i wanted to know how do you guys translate them into your driving? Is it gears? (like "4 left one hundred" is supposed to be done on 4th gear revving close to the limit?) Or is it actual speed (like "4 left one hundred" is supposed to be done at roughly 110 kph?) Or is it the amount of time you let off throttle? I've watched some videos of faster drivers and there are some times on the same stage they take left fours on the 4th gear and other times on the 5th gear. Also if the turn is "4 left one hundred" and you are gaining speed from a previous slower turn - does it mean you should do that 4 left on full throttle? 4. Cars comparison. Maybe you know of a comparison (like there was in DR1) where a decent driver drives them all through a single stage and posts times of every run? That helped me a lot in DR1. And could have saved me a day of trying to race in a sierra in DR2 lol. 5. So how exactly does getting more engineers help in my team? I have a GOTY version so i kinda started with 2.4m credits - i tried to play as if 2.4m = 0 and never spent more. But now i guess i am ok with spending it. I have fully upgraded co driver and chief mechanic - and i have 2 engineers with some upgrades. What will change if i get more engineers and fully upgrade those i have? Repairs will be done faster? Cheaper? 6. Leaderboard times. So what's you estimation, out of the first top 200 times - how many players have actually memorized the stage? i mean "by heart" as in track racing sim games - with braking points etc etc. Have a good day and stay safe!