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  1. @PJTierney I do and sent it via message now.
  2. Okay. Now, it works and downloaded every single DLC without any issues and it doesn't crash. I can play at Scotland. However, please fix this for others. I just paid full price for a game that was 60% off when I bought it from both GMG and Steam. There is some false advertisement going on with GMG, and Steam database doesn't register a Super Deluxe Edition version having Colin McRae DLC I would say or they don't work in combination. Please Codemasters do something for this so that others wouldn't get scammed.
  3. And it seems exactly as I suspected it, Super Deluxe Edition regional keys are not capable of working with Steam bought DLCs. I just bought GOTY Edition from Steam after permanently deleting Super Deluxe Edition and now Steam downloads 5.4 GB more. I will update the situation here if I can enter Scotland stages after the download is complete. Edit: The update is finishing in an hour.
  4. Okay, it has been two days since I last got an e-mail from Codemasters and I don't think this regional key is capable of working with Steam bought DLCs. Seeing there is not a chance this DLC working correctly on my version of the game I am going to permanently delete the game from my account and buy it GOTY edition from Steam.
  5. Okay, thanks for looking into this.
  6. But, Super Deluxe Edition doesn't contain Seasons 3+4 DLC and Colin McRae FLAT OUT Pack DLC on Steam. You can check that on https://steamdb.info/sub/440750/apps/ . I have played the game with only the Super Deluxe Edition content for some hours and in-game Colin McRae Career tab told me to buy Colin McRae FLAT OUT Pack to play it.
  7. I bought it after the announcement. I have seen that they gave Flat Out Pack for owners of Super Deluxe Edition before the DLC came out. I bought Super Deluxe Edition 7th May and then bought Seasons 3+4 to get Flat Out Pack on 9th May.
  8. I actually only needed Colin McRae Flat Out Pack, as I already had Seasons 3+4 included in the Super Deluxe Edition, you are right on that. I just bought Seasons 3+4 on Steam seeing it included Colin McRae Flat Out Pack and Steam showed me that I don't have Seasons 3+4 DLC. That's why I bought Seasons 3+4 DLC. First, I bought Super Deluxe Edition. Then I bought Seasons 3+4 on Steam because it showed that I don't have that DLC. But that Super Deluxe Edition included everything on Seasons 3+4 DLC except Colin McRae Flat Out Pack.
  9. I bought Super Deluxe Edition from GreenManGaming, and then bought Season 3+4 from Steam.
  10. Sadly, none of my friends play racing games so I can't get them that way 😞
  11. So customer service returns with a brilliant solution: "According to the latest information you have sent us, your graphics card drivers are out of date. Can you, therefore, please download and install the latest drivers for your Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 graphics card from www.nvidia.com (click on "Download drivers", then choose the correct links)." Apparently, not being able to enter a stage in a game that I have played for 12 hours straight without any problem is because I haven't installed a driver for a week. When did this game came out? Last week? Is this really the solution coming from somebody who makes a living out of giving solutions for people's problems? I updated my drivers and the game still crashes. What am I supposed to do now wipe my screen with a tissue so that the error message might go away?
  12. I did everything I could with file integrity and redownloading, sadly there is still nothing that gives me the maps.
  13. Thanks for the location names 🙂 Trying now Edit: Didn't work for me either 😞
  14. Sadly it is taking me too long to reinstall all those files. Downloading the whole game took me 20 hours as Internet speeds are not very fast in Turkey. I sent a mail to the customer service with my dxdiag file and now waiting for an answer. But I tried creating a fake location file named uk__scotland_rally and uk__scotland_rally_01, uk__scotland_rally_02 and then tried to verify as if those were the name of the location files Steam would correct them because their size would be wrong but Steam just says everything is okay. Or I might have given them wrong names as I don't know what the Scotland location files are called originally. By the way, can someone who has no problem with the Scotland map tell me if there is a map file for Scotland in locations folder in the game's installation directory. If so, can you also tell me the full name of the file so that I can try verifying with Steam again?