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  1. SIDY4

    Unable to find sessions!

    If anyone is still replying or not, I think I accepted that my fate that I might be in an unsupported region. If anyone has an official fix to this, then go ahead and leave it here. Thanks for those trying to help anyways (even tho I found some things unhelpful earlier), but I am satisfied to get back to my career mode either way! See ya!
  2. SIDY4

    Unable to find sessions!

    Well, I'm unsure how to go ahead with the whole port thing / what to do? Second of all, when doing Time Trial, my time is uploaded to the Leaderboard, just as much as I can load into the Weekly Event stuff... So I'm guessing in that regards, that my connection is completely fine.
  3. SIDY4

    Unable to find sessions!

    Yeah, and I'm on a cable connection if that helps it out in anyway. I try and provide as much info if necessary or needed of course, but I can't always be certain what u might need to know to help me...
  4. SIDY4

    Unable to find sessions!

    Yeah, think/thought it was likely that I might be in a unsupported region... this is the link to the ISP I'm using: https://www.telecom.na/index.php/products/corporate-products/84-products/broadband
  5. SIDY4

    Unable to find sessions!

    No, not using a VPN or proxy and I'm from Namibia/Africa.
  6. SIDY4

    Unable to find sessions!

    Ok, I once more looked at any other one who might've had the same issue and he was advised to change the download region in steam, unfortunately mine is blank and I can't change it... So now if I could please could get better advice on whats actually going on, because this seems to be an issue which not a lot of people are facing!... 1. Trying to play unranked / ranked matches and receive "no sessions found"! 2. 1.22 3. Multiplayer 4. Starting the game, going into multiplayer screen, clicking on unranked and receive the message everytime. 5. Everytime 6. Tried validating that F1 2019 downloaded correctly, which it did according to steam 7. Wheel / Keyboard, but I don't think that really matters with my problem. 8. I can attach the picture one more time:
  7. SIDY4

    Unable to find sessions!

    I am on Windows 10 and my Firewall settings are as they should be (they are set to allow online services for the game). I also tried finding a similar issue on the forum, but the only ones I could find are about joining a session - I can't even find one! Also, I have no clue how exactly this bug reporting works on this forum, I tried finding a forum post about it, but there were so many other things which came up first. Ur reply was so unhelpful on my issue!
  8. SIDY4

    Unable to find sessions!

    Got no clue whether I'm doing this correctly... OK, so my problem is on [Steam][Multiplayer][Windows 10]. The game version is 1.22. I cannot seem to find any online sessions and when I create my own ones, then I could sit there for hours for nothing to happen. This is in Ranked and Unranked! This issue started right from the first time I had the game installed. The game ain't crashing, so there is no error code I can give, just the message I always receive when trying to find any unranked lobbies. I also tried validating my game files from steam and it said "all files are validated". I also don't think it is any hardware related issues, because my PC works perfectly fine with everything in any other games I play... THIS is my only issue!
  9. I cannot find (join) any online session. It always just comes out as "no sessions found". My internet works, so I'm confused as to why I'm unable find any session??