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  1. @Loore Please have a look at this issue. @justbiglee‌ said it will be fixed shortly but it hasn't happened yet.
  2. @Loore, just as @justbiglee‌ said, I am hoping this is going to be fixed in the next patch. Please do take a note of this. Thanks.
  3. ya, that is what I wanted to do actually. But offline custom cup doesn't give me that option.
  4. @justbiglee‌ Hi! The sprint option is NOT available for Classic Touring cars category in Custom Cup. Is that by design or just got overlooked? From your blog, I know that the drift and demolition derby cars don't have the sprint option, but the Classic Touring cars miss seems to be bug. Please reply. Thanks.
  5. @justbiglee‌ Thanks a lot. That was quick. The update fixed my save game. Please ensure this doesn't happen again in future. Thanks again. @predzzz would recommend start a new thread as your problem seems different though the final result is the same i.e. corrupt save.
  6. @justbiglee‌ Thanks for the update. I haven't overwritten the save file. Waiting for the fix before I play again. Thanks.
  7. @justbiglee‌ Thanks for responding. I have just sent the mail with the required files. Please do something about it. Thanks.
  8. so basically I paid $5.99 just to corrupt my perfectly working game. Awesome !!! Anyone can help me extract my steering settings from my previous save? Any config file where I can find them in clear text? I had wasted quite some time adjusting my steering settings and have lost everything now. Don't want to spend that much time again tweaking those in a new profile :( Only custom cup for me from now on. So that I don't regret losing all my progress when CM decide to corrupt my save again in future.
  9. :( Never had this before. Now when everyone else's problem is solved, I am struck with this. I don't play online at all if that helps. Only single player. Just installed Sprint Pack and the save game got corrupted :(
  10. dat content :/ Exactly. By "content packs" I thought it would add new content. Anyways, I am not complaining. Just pointing out that the wording of the description could have been better. Thanks for the great game.
  11. Hi, the description on the steam store page says that the season pass gives access to 8 future content packs. On the codies blog page, I can see 6 of those mentioned.... Best of BritishCoupe StyleRoad & TrackSprint PackTouring Car Legends PackDrag Racing PackWhat will be the other 2? Have they been announced yet?
  12. @Loore, hoping CM got good feedback out of this thread. Nice to see so many votes. Personally, I like the AI. Thanks CM.
  13. I thought of starting a poll where everyone can share there feedback on the AI in Grid Autosport. Hopefully, this poll will provide a good source of feedback to CM and also a basis to tweak the AI if required.
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