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  1. andry9611

    Ferrari 1000GP livery

    They should really consider this, it would be a nice addition to the game since it lacks all the new tracks
  2. andry9611

    Podium Pass Credits

    Thank you BarryBL, but the time of this season (? should i call it this way?) will be extended since no one was able to play until you solve the issue ?
  3. andry9611

    Podium Pass Credits

    Hi Codemasters, i want to tell you i've got F1 2020 Schumacher Edition, so i had 15.000 Podium Credits for the Podium Pass, but now since it got live it was almost instantly put down, not letting me unlocking stuff after i already payed the 9.000 credits for the VIP Pass and now the game tell me i have 0 credits. As someone who bought a special edition of this game you can understand how disappointing this is. When it will go live again will i get back the 15.000 credits or i'll still have VIP Podium Pass and the remaining credits? I hope you can find a solution because i can't accept i lost this money because of an error of your or time to unlock items, again, for an error of yours.
  4. Hi as i stated in thge title i've got gifted the Schumacher Edition but the Steam page says the game will unlock in six days instead of three, anyone else is in the same situation? It's just an error/place holder or i really need to wait like the Standard Edition on Steam even if i got the SE? P.S. I don't even know how to contact Steam to ask as i always end up in a page where i can't talk to any assistant but only some FAQ
  5. andry9611

    [F1 2019] Featured Racer Event?

    Finally unlocked it too! And already pre ordered Schumacher Edition becuase of the good news!
  6. andry9611

    [F1 2019] Featured Racer Event?

    Let's hope!
  7. The definition of Despair. A mode completely abandoned few months after realease. Thanks a lot Codemasters...
  8. andry9611

    [F1 2019] Featured Racer Event?

    After Baku, it's Canada again...
  9. andry9611

    Featured Event?

    Could you check the previous events to have a "schedule" of past events? Maybe this could help us understand if they are gonna do in future, i can't find anything online about this actually
  10. andry9611

    Featured Racer achievement

    I agree with you, you spaked total sense, they should move it to single player but i don't think they will now. I hope you're right about future events.
  11. I know it may be off topic but maybe it's the only way we can make our voice heard by Codemasters. Maybe someone will read this. The entire forum and myself (i want to say i even bought Legends Edition to let you know i'm not a casual fan) have been asking for a Feature Race Event for MONTHS and all we get are endless boring weekly races. We already have Casual/Ranked Multiplayer for that! I bought this game this year because i couldn't afford it and after 200+ hour of gameplay i can't get 100% of achievements just because you forgot to mix up events? Come on please we need some change sometimes don't you think?? Please if Codemasters you care even a little about your fanbase please listen this. I don't think i will buy Schumacher Edition till we get a new featured event, i'm too disappointed. Edit: also it's so disappointing trying to contact you trough e-mail, Facebook, Instagram and getting ZERO attention
  12. Don't worry we all feel like this. But the worst thing is Codemasters couldn't care less, they just wont listen. All they care about is money.
  13. I'm doing this too. But i'm afraid they couldn't care less about the fanbase.
  14. They are BROKEN and the only thing they achieve is getting players angry and less fond of the series EVERY time they go to Multiplayer.