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  1. sudec123

    PC Friday night League! Looking for drivers!

    Could you post an updated link please?
  2. sudec123

    PC league after 10pm CET

    Hi, I’m in a similar situation. I was looking for a Pc legue that would start after 9PM BST (10PM CET) Latest I found so far is 8PM BST and I’ll try and make that work but if you find something thats 9PM BST let me know and I might join as well. I can’t commit to run a legue as time wouldn’t alow
  3. sudec123

    Looking for F1 2020 league PC UK

    Hi All, I’m new to leagues however I have raced a lot ranked on F1 2019. I’m looking for a PC league ( currently on PS4 but looking to move) Main condition is that the races are around or after 9PM UK time. my assists: TC: med (started experimenting with off) abs : on breaking assist: off transmission: manual or auto! Can do both ers: manual Racing line: corners I’m looking ideally for 50% race with short qualy and no training but other race distances are ok as well if you are planning something similar please let me know