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  1. I have had the game for a few hours and it just doesn't feel challenging or engaging. There is hardly any wheelspin unless you literally floor the throttle in the middle of a slow corner and even then it hardly matters, shifting with the lights in standard means you actually save fuel and lets you run in rich for several laps per +lap you have.  The tyre wear is silly, mainly because AI don't suffer it whatsoever so in longer races you start much quicker than the AI but at the end of stints they are still doing the exact same lap times as they were at the start of the stint. The wet/dry track transition for AI is still broken. You can cut straight across huge kerbs full throttle with no punishment and actually gain time by doing so. Every lap feels boring as the game has no challenge until your tyres become undriveable, then its just a case of limping back to the pits. Overall definitely not worth the money, wait for F1 2015 and hope the reason for this copy paste mess was that they were focusing on that instead.
  2. Greed3789

    Direct comparison of sound

    The sound team have fucked up big time here, it's way off https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tiT4SOuDxw8&list=UU-46hTnlyW3aCwjHs2acDzghttp:// http://www.formula1.com/video/onboard/2014/australia/
  3. Greed3789

    Announcing F1 2015

    It is now just over a month until release and we have nothing but a few sketchy details and screenshots to go off. I understand it isn't totally Codemasters fault but it is a bit annoying.
  4. Greed3789

    Announcing F1 2015

    I hope we get a demo this year, I'm sure you appreciate that some people were unhappy with the previous game and will need some solid proof that this game is different before committing money to it.
  5. Greed3789

    Announcing F1 2015

    Hi Lee I'm guessing you can't or won't answer but I was wondering if you have any major features up your sleeves or if the main focus of this game will just be getting the basics like handling and such nailed on the new engine. Either way I look forward to seeing it in motion.
  6. Greed3789

    Announcing F1 2015

    Not much detail in the article but it's nice to get an official date at least. I hope there are at least a few new features to be announced but the screenshots look good and I'm excited to see more. June is a good launch time as well because I finish my exams in June and need something to keep me entertained in the summer 
  7. Greed3789

    Engineers asking driver how the car feels

    Would love this, would give newer players a reason to do practice if they could tell their engineer their problems with the setup and get it changed. They could also see how the setup changed and feel the difference so they could learn about set up/
  8. Greed3789

    F1 2015 Leaked (Confirmed)

    If the game doesn't come until June and still doesn't ship with 2015 cars I'll be pretty disappointed. I could understand if it was coming March or April but June gives them a lot of time to get them ready. Especially when they can spend the month after going gold working on them and patch them in day 1.
  9. Greed3789

    F1 2015 Leaked (Confirmed)

    It also says Broadcast and voice over are being worked on. Could be a more TV like feel to the races?
  10. Greed3789

    F1 2015 Leaked (Confirmed)

    One of the leaked pictures also mentioned that it will ship with the 2014 grid and some 2015 cars which will then be updated later on. This must surely mean it will be out soon or there would be no point http://imgur.com/a/byQ2I
  11. Greed3789

    GAMEBREAKER !!!!!!.........HATTA PLS READ.

    So because you are too slow you want to return your copy? Sounds about right, turn the difficulty down or get faster, the AI are probably the best they have ever been in terms of speed and I'm sure no tyre wear adds to their speed which is good, it means I can actually have a decent race with legend AI TL:DR Get faster or turn the difficulty down. Being much faster at the start of the stint and much slower at the end doesn't make for fun racing, regardless of difficulty. 
  12. Greed3789

    Ai tyre wear

    It's horrible, you manage the tyres and build a decent gap then in the last two laps of the stint the AI close the gap, overtake you and disappear down the road setting fastest laps as they go while you understeer all over the place and barely move when you put the power down.
  13. Greed3789

    Question about F1 2014: Safety Car and rain

    Could you tell me how you do this? Thanks 1: Download EGO Database Editor from here: http://petar.outer-heaven.net/downloads/ and just unrar it and place it wherever you want 2: you need to download this and put in the Ego Database Editor folder to make it work with f1 2014: http://www.racedepartment.com/threads/schemaf12014-for-ede.94563/ 3: Then just open the Database 4: When you have opened the database, click on the track_model and find where it stands safety car chance and change it on all tracks to 1(1 is max) 5: just save the database But I have made a Database with the correct tyres for the last races, Safety car changes, real team tiars and stuff like that. That I maybe will release to racedepartment mods selections... Cool, I was using EGO but couldn't get it to work with F1 2014, I see that I need that file. Thank you.
  14. Greed3789

    Question about F1 2014: Safety Car and rain

    Could you tell me how you do this? Thanks
  15. Off-topic, but why are you changing your fuel mix during your flying lap? Presumably to try and save enough fuel for another hot lap as he knows that one is ruined already
  16. Greed3789

    100% distance ... fuel simulation a bit unrealistic?

    Yep, I usually get within a couple of tenths of my qually time, even in the middle stint of the race.
  17. Greed3789

    Melbourne last corner

    Yep, in the Ferrari I'm 4-6 tenths quicker per lap in sector 1 (than the Mercs onLegend), about even in the middle sector and then they blitz me by 7 or 8 tenths in the last sector. They seem to come out of the last corner impossibly fast then brake really early to compensate. 
  18. Greed3789

    Game feels easy and soulless

    Easier than 2013? Eh, it's pretty much impossible to lock up and you only really get wheelspin if you floor it mid corner through the slower corners. If you turn of all assists and go full throttle everywhere you;d fail but if you at all try it isn't difficult at all. Just boring. 
  19. Greed3789

    Game feels easy and soulless

    Used both a wheel and pad. Wheel is a bit better but still very easy indeed. Pad is horrible, no fun at all.
  20. Greed3789

    Game feels easy and soulless

    Normally at this time I wouldn't be able to stop putting laps in (a few hours after I get the game) but laps just don't feel fun. I'm actually playing Assetto Corsa at the moment and it's shameful how much better it is, not to mention how a modder has created generic cars which feel better than the F1 cars in this game.
  21. Hi, will this be available on your channel later on? Would like to know about tyre wear but the football is on
  22. You honestly think this sounds anything like real life? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKR2Mpv6ybc
  23. Greed3789

    F1 2014 Japanese ver. Some reports!

    1. Whatever 2. Awful, Merc should easily have their own tier and Ferrari shouldn't be a tier above Williams 3. Hard to get any reference from that without driving the game, pace in game doesn't match real life times  4. Safety car in general is fucked so whatever 5. Already known  Not really inspiring me but we'll see how it plays I guess
  24. I voted dev diaries but ideally I would like a 50/50 split of dev diaries and direct gameplay. The hotlaps are ok but in their current format they tell us nothing about the game. I much prefer hear the devs talk about the changes made and then seeing them in action through decent length gameplay.
  25. Greed3789

    Explanation for ERS and Overtake Button

    It should be automatic and with an option to use some with the overtake button (of course if you over use it then you get issues) but that would require work so it will probably just be KERS with longer duration