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  1. In every single game i'm always ghosted even if the collision are ON, i don't get it... Why?
  2. Molla4646

    F1 2018 glitching problem

    I forgot to say that now my NAT is open everytime! I made some quick changes in the router. I put a static ip on the xbox and made a DMZ zone with that ip, now i don't have any problems with NAT. Ty guys
  3. Molla4646

    F1 2018 glitching problem

    Thanks guys, I'll try to change the NAT to open. I'll connect my xbox to the router with ethernet!
  4. Hi guys, i'm playing with some friends in some closed lobby and a lot of them says that they see me lagging all over the track and thus creating problem in the race. I don't understand why, my ping is at 40-50, max 100, so I should not have any kind of internet problems. My NAT is on moderate and i can't change it on open. Could the NAT be the problem ?