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  1. @BarryBL Unless in casual settings in coop career you will always have equal performance cars which should not be the case. XPST-BGTG-EKBP-GTEG Xbox Online career What troubleshooting have you tried? Restarting a new career, loading in and out of the game and career, changing host, restarting consoles. How do you make the problem happen? Go into coop career lobby invite your friend and have it on any setting except casual. You can repeat this with multiple saves and it still has the same problem. Video.mov
  2. Have the codes already been emailed out?

    1. Jammydodger1401


      If so absolutely gutted tried multiple years in a row now and still no luck, I must be doing something wrong. I apply in my profile and never get picked. Am I supposed to mention on this feed that I have applied or something. Really disappointing that I haven't had the chance yet. Always have thought I would be good as a beta tester 😞 



      Their still choosing applications, ones emails go out iam sure they’ll update the thread, so not all hopes should be given up 🙂

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