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  1. TylerJF

    Flashback in time trial mode

    Finally found the solution : erase my save 😢 but it works now 👍
  2. TylerJF

    Flashback in time trial mode

    Not in my case
  3. TylerJF

    Flashback in time trial mode

    I don't care about my lap time it's just a faster way to improve my skill at some corners 😉 I have enabled Flashback in career and grand prix modes... I don't understand what am I missing...
  4. TylerJF

    Flashback in time trial mode

    Here's the vid : look @ 3'14" for example ...He's on ps4 and time trial mode i guess ??
  5. Hi there ! Does anyone know how to activate flashback in time trial mode on F1 2019 ? I'm on ps4... I'd like to use that feature to train and repeat only one or two corners of the track without having to redo an entire lap to have a new chance to improve... It takes a lot of time this way and it's less effective than using flashbacks... But I can't find where you can activate it ?!! Someone told me he could do that on his game on ps4 (showing me proof in a video), BUT indeed, he said that I was right : while flashback can be used on his time trial sessions, he doesn't know why and how we can't find that activation/deactivation feature. Precision : I play the game via PS NOW on my ps4. Thanks for help !