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    Get rid of the useless Safety Car

    I'm agree, but sometimes, because a crash, spin or other things, you are lapped... I'm my opinion, we should be able to unlap ourselves, as they do in real life, in order to rejoin the race.
  2. Adrián Cepeda

    144 hz monitor Vs 60 hz monitor better laptimes?

    I changed from 60Hz to 144Hz last year, and I don't see many differences in lap times (yes, my times are better, but I think it's because I'm better than before, and because I'm on a League, so I trained much more)... The difference between 60 and 144Hz, at 320km/h, is less than 1 meter, and that means you will see the brake reference in 7 milliseconds less time.
  3. Adrián Cepeda


    I did some calculations 2 months ago, and my conclusion is that overall is 10% experience, 20% racecraft, 25% awareness and 45% pace (with a small margin of error, that depends of decimals places and other things we don't know).
  4. Adrián Cepeda

    Schumacher DLC Removal | STEP THIS WAY

    acepeda1310 Steam PC