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  1. Played the game after todays update and FFB finally works! Even on stock settings feedback forces are pretty strongšŸ˜Š. There's still some kind of glitch when calibrating the wheel but it seams it's not causing problems to steering. Finally I can chill out with GRID and my wheel when Forza ****** me off. Thanks!
  2. Are the devs going to make FFB work with all wheels that are stated to be compatible with GRID? Got new Thrustmaster TMX PRO, recently bought GRID Ultimate and I feel like throwing my money away. There's no FFB at all. Game shows my wheels but even after calibration it doesn't show max wheels rotation. FFB sliders appear but any change does nothing - wheels is loose, no central force, vibration, nothing. How come other games work well, even Codemasters games like F1 2018 or Grid 4? To be specific. When I go to settings menu to calibrate steering wheel first part od calibration goes good, but when I'm asked to make 90 degree turn wheels doesn't autocenter and game won't show degrees od rotation. Any thoughts about this?
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    Any new improvements to the FFB? I recently bought GRID 2019 and there's no FFB on my TMX PRO wheel on Xbox One X. Other games like Forza Motorsport, Assetto Corsa or Project Cars work fine. Even F1 2018 and DIRT 4 from Codemasters. Anybody from dev team bother to fix this? Kind of lame support if months after boot game still doesn't work well.