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  1. The biggest thing I would change is the fact that wet lines are non-existent in Codemasters F1. For me, having to experiment with lines in the wet is a fun challenge and it should be a performance differentiator. I was sorely disappointed first time I drove in the wet in the game as I quickly realised that the quickest line was exactly as per the dry line and the AI drives exactly as it does in the dry only at a lower speed. See Max Verstappen in Brazil a couple of years ago for an example of how extremely different wet lines are from dry and how effective these extreme lines can be.
  2. HustleRussell76

    Beginner guide

    I think CM did a good job making this a game which you can play in multiple ways. I am a long time fan of the sport so I have been watching and learning for years and I know quite a lot about the intricacies and quirks of F1. As a newcomer I imagine it'd be pretty easy to be deterred by the apparent technicality of the game. Therefore my advice to you would be; -don't get too bogged down in car setup straight away. There are threads in the 'setup' section of the forum which can tell you which setup pre-set is good for each track. -don't try to ace everything. I used to get very frustrated trying to get purple on all training sessions every weekend. It's not necessary, and if you set the game up so you can do this, you probably have it set too easy. -Instead of the above, first concentrate on the driving and especially your controller scheme / set up, Getting this right will radically enhance the experience more than fiddling with the car setup. -Play the game. Try not to get stuck or hung up on any one challenge. A formula 1 season is a long form competition, you will bomb some challenges and smash others.
  3. HustleRussell76

    Front Wing : 1, Rear Wing : 9

    So is it generally accepted that these setups 'shouldn't' work, but do- and this is a kind of glitch in the game? What I am trying to figure out is what I am missing out on with my conservative, middle-of-the-road setups, and whether I need to start working on these strange looking rearward bias setups? What is the supposed benefit? what am I missing out on?
  4. HustleRussell76

    Wheel x controller

    Moved from pad to wheel for the first time last month. Pad with all assists incl. ABS switched off was a hand cramping nightmare. Cadence braking while retaining sufficient sensitivity on the joystick and grip on the pad itself with the fingers of the left hand was the major challenge of the game for me. Also manual ERS was very difficult apart from on medium or longer straights. Steering wheel is not only more intuitive (because it is the way that vehicles are controlled in the real world), it has also alleviated the cramp and fatigue I experienced in my hands meaning that I'm not making an increasing number of mistakes as the session goes on. Now the major challenge of the game is training my left foot to cadence brake- a challenge which I would face if I were racing a two-pedal car for real. The actual performance advantages are pretty marginal and so far I'm actually slower with the wheel but I would not go back to pad even if I was quicker with it. Being able to control a racing car with a games console pad is not a skill I particularly aspire towards. Spending more time behind a steering wheel and developing skill using the same mechanisms I encounter in the real world is.
  5. HustleRussell76

    Front Wing : 1, Rear Wing : 9

    I'm rediscovering gaming thanks to Covid and this time around I have a wheel and an xbox live account. I've been an F1 fan for many years and have been playing F1 2017 / 18 offline for a while so I feel I know roughly what each track calls for. My approach is to select a preset based on the nature of the circuit and refine it during testing. Normally a few tweeks here and there and I'm happy. Now I can see rival setups in Time Trial. They are making my setups look very plain and boring. People are obviously approaching this very differently. One thing I specifically wanted to ask about as per thread title is running practically no front wing and a ton of rear wing. This is really extreme. People are setting up this huge disparity in load between the front and rear aero and then they are engineering their way around this imbalance in the chassis. To my surprise, the car does turn in and good lap times can be achieved. However it occurs to me that there must be a reason to go at it this way. Is it a compromise so that you can still lap well when you inevitably damage your front wing in multiplayer? Is it simply a way to gain straight line speed? Is this a Time Trial / 5-lap special setup? or are people driving career / longer races this way? I only started using a wheel a couple of weeks ago. Also I am braking with my left foot for the first time. I am not yet good enough to lap consistently enough to judge small setup increments so it's difficult for me to choose between setups. I am finding that these extreme setups are as quick or quicker on a good lap than my more conservative setups but they are more difficult to drive consistently. (No assists, AI difficulty ~94)
  6. HustleRussell76

    Car Setup Presets for each track on F1 2018

    Yeah you have only about 20s in the garage before qualifying starts but this is easily enough time to navigate into 'Car Setup' and load a preset