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  1. Nations cup signups open now! https://twitter.com/AeroLeague_ALR/status/1403728798525399044
  2. Tier 4 full time spot available (+ a few reserve spots too)! Tiers 1,2,3,5 all full including reserves now and would be placed on waiting list.
  3. F1 2021 signups will be open soon, S6 is the final season for F1 2020, calendar here:
  4. Next season of Project Cars starts soon, also reserve spots available in Tier 1, as well as some other more casual tiers :)
  5. Season 6 sprint league starts today! Mid-season signups now open too for reserve spots for main tiers 🙂 - Sprint league reserve spots are full.
  6. season 6 final calendar fully revealed 🙂 Signups closing soon! Tier reveal coming soon too! 😄 https://twitter.com/AeroLeague_ALR/status/1377591581750874121?s=20
  7. Hey all! Just an update we've had to create a 5th tier to match all this interest, hope you guys get on and secure your spot before it's too late!
  8. If you want to sign up you have to go to our discord - here's the link https://discord.com/invite/r2bhSzX Once you join there's just a little bit of info you gotta fill in to complete the signup process, and yes there's still space for everyone!
  9. Signups for season 5 may be closing temporarily in around a week so we can get everyone placed into the correct tier for their pace! Grids are looking fantastic and super close/competitive so don't miss out on an opportunity to join the best league on PS4!
  10. https://discord.com/invite/r2bhSzX
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